DIN Source to RCA/RCA Cable

Someone mentioned that Naim made such a cable but I can’t verify it. I want to connect Tape Out from my NAC 552 to my headphone amplifier.

There is DIN Input but not DIN Source that I can find.

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Naim offer a tape lead - DIN5- RCA Phono x 4. With a headphone amp connected to your NAC552, You would connect the DIN end to one of the IN/OUT inputs and then just use the REC IN RCA Phonos.

Thanks Richard. I’ll look into it.

Pardon me for barging into your thread, but as a Naim-novice, I have to ask; isn’t the point with the DIN connectors to have a better transport of the signal than what the RCA/Phono connector offers? To me it seems like the DIN->RCA just is just a fancier RCA interconnect (just like some prefer XLR over RCA)? Yes/no?

Yes Din is king over rca, but rca is significantly more prevalent than din hence the need for din/rca leads so you can hook up tape recorders etc etc.

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That’s what I thought. I understand that RCA can be useful in some cases, as with the original posters question. Thank you for clarifying it to me.

I just ordered one from Isreal. You have a Tape Out option when you order a DIN/RCA.

I’m just going to use it to see what DIN out of my new 552 is like. I’ll continue to use a Sarum T RCA/RCA from my ND555 to my headphone amp.

Pardon my ignorance–so, the DIN5>RCAx4, you would obviously hook connect the DIN5 end to the Tape on the NAC, and then use one pair of the RCAs to connect to the headphone amp, right? So, the other pair of RCAs are just hanging out? Obviously the set was meant for connecting a tape deck, but surprised there’s not a Naim brand DAC5>RCAx2 available. (I have a Supernait that thankfully includes Tape Out RCAs, so I don’t have to worry about this particular problem.)

Yes, correct. A tape interconnect is really versatile as it can be used to connect a source, or take the REC OUT for a headphone amp, or both for a recorder. The problem with a DIN5-2RCA that is just connected to the REC pins is that it’s application is very limited and it’s all too easy to assume it’s a regular DIN-RCA and then wonder why there’s no sound…

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