DIN to 3.5mm

Is there a recommended cable to use, scouring the internet seems flashback but it is no more.

You could try to see if your Naim dealer will put one together for you.

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Yes, Flashback used to be the go to for this. Try Designacable.

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Try Futureshop.

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Thanks will check out both options.

Thanks yes they had an Audioquest version.

There are a large number on Amazon with various lengths and prices.

What is it for?


Chord made one up for me for use as a record out.

I’ve got a 3.5mm to 5 pin DIN which is a white cable Chord iChord, may find a used one on eBay if you’re lucky!
I used it with my then iPhone as a source cable.

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I have a Nova and AQ Cobalt, as Innuos is now enabling the first unfold, i thought would be interesting test the full Unfold.

Look for the Naim lavender one - I tried a bunch and this one was much my favourite.


I have a Chord one which is 2 by 3,5mm plugs to DIN 5 way 180. Connects my Sony Pro Walkman to any Naim pre amp.


Thank you all, drawing a blank with anything Chord or Naim Lavender.

Designacable is looking good but also spotted a Roland Boss, im assuming the pin layout is standard …

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Here is the rear of an NAC72 with the Pin Outs identified.

72 Rear

So the Roland Boss cable is not suitable, sadly (it would connect to the input and the output of Channel 2).


Nova has 2x 240 DIN as analogue in.

It does, but it still follows the standard Naim DIN5 input wiring. As Ian points out, that wiring configuration on the Amazon cable is wrong for a Naim application.

This is the DIN5 end


It’s not a Nova but the pin configuration is the same.

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The DIN pin allocations are standardised, for Audio -

DIN - Analogue

Naim follow the DIN standard.

The Roland Boss cable is likely for maybe MIDI use…?

Yes sorry rechcked it is MIDI

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Thank you

Yappari… :expressionless: