DIN to 3.5mm

I think you should be looking for a 3.5mm to DIN. Not DIN to 3.5mm.

Depends on what @obsydian is trying to do… :expressionless:

They have not revealed this… yet.

Dac to Nova?

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He did mention it above. Audioquest Cobalt DAC which has a 3.5mm audio output socket.

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Was not obvious (to me…)… Apologies… :expressionless:

So the DIN end needs to be wired to the Input pins, on the 180 deg 5 way.

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Yes just for fun.

Went for one by Cool Novelties …

Here’s the Flashback one (sadly not available anymore). I use it to connect my Sony Walkman to my Nait 1.


You could always make your own. I tried 3 cables in an attempt to get a Mojo to sound half decent. None of them helped, sold the Mojo after a few months, it sounded too lightweight.

I made 2. One with Mogami 2549, the other Russ Andrews PJB.

The Mogami is excellent cable, I use it between nDac and preamp, in preference to the Naim cable that came with the Dac.

Also, bought one from Flashback, seemed to add more weight than the two I made.


Yes i did want this one, but reading up the owner sadly passed away.

I recall 25 years ago butchering a spare Naim cable to make my own 2x RCA, i didnt end well.

I have one of these from Flashback - it came with one of my NAITs. I was really surprised at just how much I preferred the Naim Lavender 3.5mm to DIN interconnect. James, you should try one!


I second the use of the Mogami cable. I’ve knocked up several IC in various configurations for various systems.

As ever, use good quality connectors (PREH DINs can be found on t’interweb) and get a good soldering iron!


topic of great interest. there are many great usb DACs that deserve a good 3.5 to din cable. I have a din/din flashback but I didn’t know it came from mogami 2549. In Italy they are quite cheap and I think I will try it instead of the VDH I use now.

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Not sure they are Enrico.

I bought a Flashback, but made 2549. They didn’t sound the same.


the flashback black sheath has no numbers. How can I see which Mogami matches? the Din/Din flashback is a great cable for me. Is 2549 very different? Thank you, Fatcat.

The flashback has more weight and prat, sounds more like a Naim cable than the 2549. The 2549 is more refined and detailed than the flashback or Naim lavender.
Those were my impressions, with my system.


The characteristics you describe of the 2549 make me think of a neutral cable, similar to Supra cables. There are many variations in the mogami house. The gold series could be a good alternative. I’ll do research on that…

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@Mike-B might be able to help, he’s been using mogami for ages. I took his advice when I started using it.

Its very possible, to get stuck in the ‘details’ of cables. The important first step, is to get something which connects and works. Its also not that hard ( or expensive) to make your own cables - although soldering DIN plugs can be a bit tricky… :expressionless:

As always… YMMV… its the Interwebzz… :crazy_face: