Din to din

Just an odd question. I have both a cassette deck and rtr by tandberg. Both are (primarily) display pieces but I decided to resurrect them. The easiest way is 5 pin din to 5 pin din, and I eventually found two sets at reasonable (cheap) prices. However here (in the U.S.) it was difficult to find, even on-line. Has anyone else found this to be the case? Din to 4 rca was easier,but more wire and figuring input and output was something I wanted to avoid plus I had one set and one of the rca plugs is coming undone.

If you can’t find the cables you need in the US, you could use flashbacksales who sell fairly cheap, well made cables, including DIN. It’s a very small UK based company but they will ship to pretty much anywhere.

Be careful using the DIN connectors on some older kit - particularly old tape and cassette decks. They used Din connectors, yes, but more importantly the outputs were to DIN standard as well, which can be a problem. FWIW, Naim use the connectors only, but don’t conform to DIN output standards, which is a good thing, as the DIN outputs on older kit can sound poor when connected into a regular RCA phono input. Where there’s a choice of DIN and RCA Phonos on older tape machines I often choose the RCA Phonos in preference.

Thanks for letting me know. I was able to order din to din (already) from a company called Nebraska Surplus. They were cheap enough so that if they don’t work out I can go back to din to rca - those are easily available and inexpensive also. Both decks are tandberg rtr td20 and tcd-340 cassette. The cassette I’ve owned forever The rtr was a swap for some old h.h. scott tube equipment that I had no space for and little chance of using. Or are you suggesting using 4 rca’s?

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