DIN to RCA cable for Chord Hugo 2

I have a True Signals cable but the RCA terminations are too big to fit a Hugo 2.

I have a Chord Cobra and the RCAs fit but they grip so tightly that they pulled the Hugo 2’s RCA jacks loose. (They are now being repaired.)

Can anyone recommend a cable that is above Chord Cobra in terms of sound quality and the RCAs fit, but don’t grip the jacks too tightly?

I have Chord Epic — fits nicely and sounds great too.

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Thanks Dragon. Do you have to tug them off the Hugo 2 at all or do they slide off easily?

They sit firmly, but there is no difficulty to get them unplugged. I think the cable works really well with the Hugo 2.

Edit: I was never worried about damaging the sockets — if that helps. I understand it might have been slightly “traumatic” when unplugging cable damaged the DAC…

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Hi Snarfy,

I had the Chord Shawline RCA-DIN on a Hugo 2 and they worked fine, though the cables are stiff as hell!



I ran a Naim hiline between my earlier Chord DACs and my 552… I thought it sounded pretty good… especially with the Hugo’s.


AR Lunar RCA to DIN between my Qutest and 282, fitted with RCA WBT Nextgen 110 these are designed to tighten after the plug is inserted into the RCA connector.

If you google WBT Nextgen 110 plug there’s a good read up on the connector.

Also the cable sounds mighty fine too.


Had the shawline which was very good. Now have the Hiline, which is better in terms of matching my 282 I think.

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When I use my Hugo into a pre-amp, I too use a Hi-line and it works well I feel.


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