Din to RCA cable to a Dac not working on main CD input

I tried to connect my Bluesound Vault 2 directly to my Nac 282 and as some perhaps know there was noise because of the ground differences of Naim and Bluesound.
So I connected the Bluesound streamer over a Rega Dac to the main DIN CD Input of the Nac 282 by a flashbacksales DIN RCA cable. No sound. Changing on the Nac 282 from Din to RCA did not help. It should be on DIN.

Connecting the Dac to the Aux or CD in RCA inputs works fine without any noise.

I would like to know why there is no sound when connecting it via the main DIN CD input on the Nac 282.

Or did I do something wrong?
Thanks and have a very nice week.

Does it work on any of the DIN inputs on the NAC282? If not, I would suspect an incorrect or faulty cable.

Hello. I have no other cable to connect by DIN. I did not want to disconnect the CD in Din Cable. Tape in , Av in and Aux 2 are free actually. I thought that a digital signal should not be connected to Tape, so there would be 2 left to try out. My conclusion up to now was: A streamer is not a CD Player, so Naim does not accept it. I have to say that the RCA connectors are so hard to insert in the cinch input of the Rega Dac that I also did not want to put too much force on it, but it was enough deep in for connectionan as I inserted one channel completely and no tone. Thanks for your help.

I surpassed me and took out the same DIN cable from DIN CD in, which worked some years ago and never got touched, and connected it the AUX 2 in Din. On pre, held the program button, held the 6 button, changed to 1 blinking, and tried 3 blinking, right Input 1 on the Rega Dac. No sound. Nothing. So I suppose the flashbacksales cable does not work. Well, any other possibility? Thanks. Hf

Hello again. So I tried the flashbacksales cable snd connected it to my DIN output headline and via RCA connected a tape cassette deck. There comes sound, it works. So the flashbacksales cable is not the problem.

Well it is and it isn’t; I think the cable is fine but only for use as what might be called a Headline adaptor. So it will work fine when connected to a Headline, but to use any other way, the wrong pins will be connected, as the Headline takes signal from the REC OUT pins and not the PLAY IN pins on the DIN on the pre-amp or the PLAY OUT pins on a DIN source component.

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Hello again. Ok I remember that I told flashbacksales some years ago that I need a cable to connect any RCA device to my headline. Did I by any chance destroyed anything in my Nac 282 in trying to connect this “wrong pinned” cable? Thanks and problem solved that my main CD DIN cable could have a problem. I was near to unscrew the tuner DIN cable now :slight_smile: Enjoy your afternoon. You are amazing Richard. Hf

No, it should all be OK and undamaged.

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