DIN to RCA for Chord Hugo 2

Anyone have a mid-price source interconnect they could recommend for the Chord Hugo 2? Budget is up to ~$400. Chord Cobra is good but it grips the RCA jacks so tightly it pulled the motherboard loose and it needs to be replaced. I have a True Signals cable but the RCA terminations are too big to fit into the slots on the back of the Hugo 2.


With my Hugo I found that the Naim Hi-line RCA - DIN was a great match. The locking WBT RCA Phonos fitted perfectly - just be sure to unlock them when you fit or remove them!

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Thanks Richard!

Blimey — I use Chord Epic at the moment. I better be careful when I need to disconnect…

I have happily used AR Sound Lunar RCA-DIN between Hugo and 552 for many years. It also has the WBT RCA locking connectors and is around your budget, depending on length.

Hi, with my Hugo mk1 I found the Naim Hiline RCA to DIN interconnect worked wonderfully, like Richard says.
I found the Hugo 2 when I borrowed one worked reasonably well with the Hiline as well… though perhaps the synergy wasn’t quite there as with the mk1 with NACs. The Hugo mk1 is a slightly curtailed or smoother/filtered presentation compared to the Hugo 2, and the Hiline helps counter that on the mk1.


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