Can anyone recommend a din to rca cable that will work with the star and won’t break the bank? Doesn’t need to be audiophile quality, just needs to work. Thanks

Have a looks at FlashBack Sales.
(www) flashbacksales … acatalog/phono-rca-plugs-naim-style-5-pin-din-plug-cables.html
Their Premier grade is excellent, +++ choice of colour & length
Great customer service


Flashback sales make quality cables at reasonable prices.

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I second Flashback,. I just got a din to rca made by them, as you say, nothing special, just a cable that works. It’s absolutely fine. :+1:

Atlas Element Integra. Dirt cheap and they test their cables with Naim.

The gotham gac preh din is a superb vfm cable which was an upgrade over the fsback gold plated one and cheaper too.

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Look for a secondhand Chord Chrysalis (late type with the shiny RCA plug covers) in the usual places. A brilliant match with Naim, as you would expect.


In addition to chrysalis the Vertere DFI RCA to Din is an excellent cable

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Quick question, looking at flashback I saw that most have a locking ring, but the more expensive premiere doesn’t have one. Does it matter? Will the uniti range accept either?

Yes, it’ll be fine. The higher spec Naim cables also have DIN plugs without locking rings.

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