DIN4-XLR for NAP300

I have a Super Lumina DIN4-XLR cable between my NAP250 and N272. I’m considering an upgrade of the power amp to a NAP300 which needs a pair of DIN4-XLR cables. Can the SL cable I already have be used with the 300, so that I would only have to buy one additional SL cable instead of a new pair? Thanks as always - Bob

I spoke to Naim about this when I swapped from 250 to 300. The advice was that while using two stereo ‘250’ leads will work, a pair of mono leads will sound better. Given the not insignificant cost of the 300 I decided to sell the stereo lead and get the pukka ones.

The 300 is rather magical with the 272/555 and I’m sure it will work wonders with your super speakers.

Thanks HH. As always, your advice is much appreciated. Guess it’s best to go for the “full Monty”!

The SuperLumina XLR’s for my NAP 300 were the last bit of the full loom I acquired. It took me a while to find them used, but I eventually did. Keep an eye open!

Will do Bart. Have a Happy New Year!

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