DIRAC and subwoofer suggestions for new to me Allaes

I just picked a beautiful set of cherry Allae. It was a risk as there was no demo but once home they quickly relegated my beloved Totem Staaf to the basement.

They are powered by my Bryston 3bst and managed by NAD C658. I also have a PSB Alpha S9 sub.

Can anyone provide some tips on set up using Dirac. What crossover settings would you recommend. These speakers don’t need as much help as the Totems and I don’t want to interfere with their lovely presentation.

Alleas can rock your socks off if fed right. Try them 21cm from the wall and vary in half cm steps either way until the bass is even. Then play with lateral placement to get the best sense of scale. Leave the sub and DIRAC out of it until you’ve optimised the positions, only then can you tell if the price of using them is too high.

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