Dire Straits/ Dire Straits : MOFI vs 78 pressing

I just received the Dire Straits first album on Mobile Fidelity, 2X 45 pm.
For now I heard it once. It’s better on hifi criterias vs my 1978 Holland pressing. More dynamic, open, with details coming more outside the speakers.
But I have a feeling that the sound is a bit forceful. The highs are a bit exaggerated.
I put the Holland pressing after and found the sound more enjoyable, more agile and better balanced.
Maybe it’s a system, room effect?

I wonder if others had the same impressions?
You are some here to own the MOFI, as @Dunc for example.

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No experience myself but someone I know from another forum has the MOFI Love Over Gold and says superb. I really couldn’t be bothered with 3x side changes for 40 minutes of music.

Should this be in the Music Room?

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In the Music room? Don’t know, as it’s about perceived sound quality……

I have this MFSL as well as a few Vertigo originals, the slightly later half speed mastered issue, and the US Bernie Grundman reissue pressed by RTI from about 5 years ago. I preferred the original to the half speed mastered version. I also preferred the US Grundman to the half-speed. However I felt the latest 45rpm MFSL was perhaps best of all, although I would still want the original too.

I’ll need to refresh my aural memory though and see about the highs…


I don’t understand when you say “ I have the MFSL…” and after you say that you feel the latest MFSL is probably the best. There are two MFSL?
I have the latest MOFI low speed.

There’s only one MFSL I’m aware of and that’s the 45rpm one from last year. That’s the one I have.

There was an earlier half-speed mastered issue but it was from Vertigo/Polygram not MoFi. I would avoid this one.

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I don’t think they are the best MOFI
The brothers in arms album is very bass heavy compared to the original
Love over gold is probably the best out of them all I would say, but I would recommend anyone to buy any off them over the standard version’s

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I found finally that I have to rather set my pre at low gain, and increase the volume at 11 o’clock.
As the gain of that MOFI is low, I increased precedently the gain of my pre, to be able to play at 9 o’clock volume.
So now it’s better. But don’t know yet which version I prefer, this one or the 1978 Vertigo.

They’re both excellent, just a bit different.

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As well I sold my copy then, years ago… And the ‘matching’ version of Making Movies… :thinking:

I want to order the Communiqué Vertigo 1978. My copy is not quiet enough. Should I go for US or UK?

I had the US Warners issue when at school out there and it sounded great (don’t have it anymore, probably borrowed or lost), as do the few UK ones I have currently with the Vertigo spaceship label. I can’t recommend the US Bernie Grundman reissue though, as my copy sounded really flat and disappointing - much the worst of the US BG reissues I bought.

I am more going for pressing from 1978. I saw a Mint UK copy . But also NM US. Around 45 euros with shipping, so raisonnable.
I didn’t enjoyed the Bernie Grundman too. Sold it already. Don’t neither want to pay 100 euros for a MOFI one, specially as I am not sure today if I prefer the MOFI pressing.

I have the (obvious) LP12 problem of not being able to spin the platter at 45RPM.

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