Disappointed with QB sound

I can’t honestly say I noticed any “run in” issues with our QB and I say that as someone who frequently sat there astonished at how bad a 202/200/HC/NAPSC could sound in the first 6 to 8 weeks.

I also don’t think this is a “where in the room” issue so much as what it’s sat on. Thus my suggestion of a picture. Our QB has produced house shaking levels of bass in every position in the 16 year olds bedroom. More recently whilst we were painting said room it has produced excess bass on the landing; on a carpeted floor next to my bed; in the living room; sat on a Next dining table and plonked under a chair on a concrete patio. You either have a faulty QB; a hearing issue or a piece of furniture which is killing the bass. I’d venture the first or last of those.

If your heading to Glasgow I think Richer Sounds would be the best bet, you should be able to compare QB side by side as they stock both. The way stock is these days perhaps best to phone ahead.

It’s situated on a solid wood (not MDF) sideboard and that’s the only place it’s going to be situated, I’m not even remotely interested in pandering to Naim peculiarities, it’s a nonsense thing to have to do.
Ground shaking bass just isn’t happening with this unit.
Example is I played ‘left to my own devices’ by the pet shop boys and was thoroughly underwhelmed.
Same with ‘are friends electric’ by tubeway army.
Are faults with the QB quite common?
I think I’ll just get rid and I don’t know if I’m interested in giving Naim a second chance.
Damned shame when I wanted one so badly,

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People are trying to help…hence the request for a picture. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Before you give up on it, let it run in for a couple of days. If you have 14 day return window you have nothing to lose here. Another thing to do is to try the figure 8 mains lead the other way around - it’s always worth trying both ways and going with the way that sounds best as it can often make a difference.

Faults are not common with Mu-Sos but nothing is completely immune. It could be a fault, but you’ll only really know after you’ve given it a fair chance and then you can discuss that possibility with your dealer.

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Maybe worth looking at a JBL BoomBox - loads of bass. A mate of mine has one and he says that it shakes his whole house (literally).

Richer sounds Glasgow is a good shout, quite an easy walk from the centre.

The JBL isn’t a classy looking item, I’ll give that a miss.

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I appreciate people are trying to help, I just don’t see that a pic of the piece of furniture it’s on is relevant.
I’m not going to move it from there, it’s there or nowhere.


You need to persevere with it…it will definitely take time to run in. I have a Muso 2 and was very disappointed with it out of the box.
So after what was quite a long time I seem to remember it started to improve significantly….I also found that I had to crank to volume up quite a bit to get it to perform but now it’s good on all levels….
You might also like to get some vibration damper pads to put underneath it as I did. They were a recommendation from someone on the forum and those little pads helped it along….tightened up the bass and made it a lot more clearer…
Anyway good luck and I’m sure you’ll be happy with it in a month or so….

I love my Muso QB - it’s a great piece of kit for my usage. The Zeppelin is excellent too and i think you will find that has a big full powerful sound that may be more to your taste…

If the return window is 14 days, I can’t see that the OP will go the month. Maybe a QB just isn’t what s/he’s looking for, despite other owners (me included) find the bass output fine…

I’m sorry you have been disappointed with your QB. Like others here I have a QB (Mk1) and am very happy with how it sounds - certainly not ‘tinny’. I was wondering whether you have tried any HD internet radio channels as an alternative to Spotify.

It’s a relief to find someone else saying they were disappointed with it out of the box.
I’m going to visit richer sounds Glasgow at the weekend and hopefully listen to a QB and zeppelin there, then I’ll decide whether to return this one or persevere.

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Mine certainly needed some time to break in, especially the bass performance. I suspect it will never have the exaggerated bass of your Bose, and if that’s what you prefer there’s nothing wrong with that. Just keep the QB running as much as you can, then put the Bose back in before making your final choice.

Yes that’s what I did and at MuSic Matters and when he put on something I knew I took the Muso back home….and not regretting it.
However it did take a while to be honest and my dealer said give it another 2 weeks and then if it’s still not for you bring it back for a refund. Needles to say I still have it!
Given that the Bose had a lot of bass I think you will perceive the naim is different as the Muso’s bass is very fast and tight….so it will sound a bit different. But presumably you listened to it in the shop?

I just thought my Qb2 had an excellent bas performance for the size, I hate too much of this.
Some adjustment in app and placement was needed though

The QB I listened to at the dealer sounded pretty good and had plenty of bass for me which means it sounded right. My Muso sounded great out of the box and had plenty of bass. I tried the loudness function but that was too much bass for my tastes.

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