Disappointed with QB sound

Shocked to hear that. Just today I was marveling at how much bass my Qb1 in the basement projects. Where is it? That’s the main thing with the Qb I think. Have the wall proximity setting correct, don’t have it in the middle of a hardwood floor in front of mirrors. Crazy. I love my Qb. I mean, it sounds great when I’m in the basement. When I walk in front of my Nova it’s a different world of course, but for what it is the Qb is amazing.

I’m currently listening to “Left To My Own Devices” loud, on my QB2, plonked on a sideboard, loudness on, no room compensation.
Frankly I’m staggered at how good it sounds and the bass is great!
How such a small speaker can sound this good is almost beyond belief.


Tried again last night, it’s just such a peculiar sound to my ears that I don’t think I’m going to get used to it.
If I get a graphic equaliser I like a ‘U’ shape to it, the sound on this sounds like a EQ that’s been set exactly the opposite.
I also put it to the vote, the wife abstained but our two daughters both said it sounds bad.

So it’s going back.

Thanks for all the suggestions and help.

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I don’t think it would have been so favourably reviewed if it had sounded as bad and weird as you seem to be experiencing; nor would owners here be having an opposite experience with the bass. I suspect yours has a fault - I would send it back but then listen to one in Richer Sounds, or somewhere, and see whether it sounds the same.

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U shaped sound. I genuinely think the QB is not what you were looking for…good luck with your search for what is good sound to you.


Hi there Bowfer,

How are you connecting your QB to its music source? If you are using Bluetooth, that’s where at least part of your problem lies. The unit also needs a thorough running in….ca 100 hours before the bass fully plumbs the depths, before then it sounds rather light weight and thin.
The sound you are aiming for is a bass that sounds nice and round, full, plummy, bouncy and involving. You wont get anything like this with Bluetooth

Oh my…placement is huge. Dear Lord. I hung cushions to a chaise lounge on the concrete wall behind my Qb in the corner of my basement and it sounds like a subwoofer.

I’ve have my Nova since June and the speakers with the original Atom since last January. Yesterday I moved my Chora 816 Focals back from 4’ to 1’ from the wall. They had been out essentially since I bought them. I did try them close at first but didn’t leave them long and the system was new. Now with everything broken in the bass exploded. Really drastic difference. Yeah. Placement is vital. And the acoustic environment. Put the Qb inside a garbage can and play it and guess what? It’ll sound like garbage.

Plus that is solid cork flooring stacked up that serves as the base.


“Immediately removes all New Orleans Saints cushions from new bedroom of 16 year old”.

I find it hard to imagine the circumstances in which I would wish to hear more bass from a QB.

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Well I put the QB back and got a B&W zeppelin air.
Much happier with that, the Alexa function alone means my wife can now play music more easily than the QB.
Sound wise, I prefer it to the QB as I’m able to adjust the bass and treble myself.
Maybe if Naim allowed more adjustment I’d have kept it, who knows.

Good luck all



The QB could go on a single speaker stand… :joy:

Sounds like the OP has solved his problem but from reading through this thread, based on his responses it seems he may have minimal hifi experience. It doesn’t matter what the quality of the speaker is, placement/room will have an impact on any speaker, even my Bosch jobsite radio changes sound dramatically when placed in different rooms/spots.

Bose is typically voiced with a largely exaggerated bottom end, which typically produces boomy, one note bass. Its possible that your room/placement sucked a lot of the bottom end out of the Bose unit, but because it was overblown to start with, it sounded good to you. Now put something there thats voiced closer to correct & it sounds thin. I haven’t heard the second gen but I have heard both Muso & QB, & both times I was extremely impressed with bass output & if anything I thought the bass was voiced a bit on the hot side, which makes sense being a lifestyle product.

My other thought is it can depend on what you listen too. I have a family member that has a couple Bose products & loves them but they also typically listen to 50 & 60’s music which basically has no bass, so the Bose helps this type of music sound fuller. Put on anything with actual bass & it sounds bloated & boomy. Also, I wouldn’t typically refer to Bose as a U shaped sound as any of their units I’ve heard are rolled off on the top.

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