Disc stuck in Unitiserve

Disc stuck in Unitiserve. Tried reboot and paper clip in little hole on front

Try the paper clip again. That sorted it for me when I had a stuck disc.

It worked for me too. From memory I think you need to poke the paper clip in until you feel resistance, and then give it a good push. You are activating a manual mechanism.

You may need to give the paper clip a few firm pushes before it will eject the CD. If that doesn’t work try shutting down the US then turn it back on.

Tried shutdown reboot and the paper clip, no joy

Tried a sturdier paper clip, hard push and voila


Well done.

Bit scary when a disc gets stuck and you have to push in that paperclip far harder than you think you ought to to get the disc out.

Nigel B. I had to press very hard and it came out “just like that” lol

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Ha ha

I need glasses (di** stuck in universe)

Perhaps keep that clip handy, just in case?

Ha Ha

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