Disconnecting AUX2 without powering down preamp

I’ve a question regarding the AUX2 output on Naim preamps. Is it safe to disconnect the cable while the preamp is powered on? I am hoping to avoid powering down the preamp as it takes some time for it to come on song again.

Any thoughts?


No, you should definitely power down first. Never remove anything from AUX2 while still powered up. If you power down just for a few minutes it should be fine and shouldn’t go off song. Also remember to power off the power amp first and power on the power amp last.


Richard, thanks for the advise.


Do you find that Connecting Superline via AUX2 degrade sound quality of 552 at other in puts? I somehow found that my ND555 sounds better when Superline was disconnected from AUX2.


Any degradation should in theory be tiny. But it has been reported that some have felt that with AUX2 powered up then there’s an impact on other inputs. Personally, it has never bothered me to the point where I’ve sought to disconnect the AUX2 before listening to say, a CD.

Thank you

What about the other (no powered) inputs? Is it ok to remove or plug interconnect cables while preamp is on?

No, always best to power down or at least switch off the power amp first (wait for caps to discharge first). That way no nasty accidents that can take out speakers.

You’re going to need a supercap to get out of this one, and another Burndy. It’s the only ps that improves upon the 552’s AUX2 for a superline.

Thank Yeti, that is what I am afraid of. I try to keep the black box count down… for my system, it means not only a Supercap DR, Burndy, but also 3 Fraims and rearranging space.


Is the second 555ps of greater benefit than not having a superline on AUX2 plus the gains to the superline a supercap can bring? If you ever succumb to an ND555 the equasion might change again. In the demo I attended where a second ps was tried, the room was split 50:50, though those used to two on an NDS seemed more likely to prefer a second on the ND, it depends how you listen. I was in the single ps camp and to me the music made more sense and flowed better with one but at home I found I could lose that sense of flow by messing with the plug order so it might be possible to achieve it with two ps. I don’t have space for a second 555ps as my supercap on the superline is none negotiable and I’ve no room to expand.

I haven’t tried one 555ps yet. My ND555 is still in the burning in process as well as my new Wilson Sasha DAW speaker. Having said that the combination of naim and Wilson sing beautifully.

I will wait for a bit until burning in process settled. I will try one 555PS.

With my NDS, second 555PS added a significant improvement particularly lower the noise floor and widening soundstage.

I suspected that whether we can hear the difference on second PS to ND555 is not just the ND555 effect but also the capability of the rest of the system to reveal it. For instance, I have dedicated 20A main line for Naim gear but the most obvious improvement on second 555PS to NDS was lower the background noise, the music just stand out.

For the supercap, I don’t have a lot of vinyl and my Brinkmann bardo turntable is basic entry level only. And ND555 is that good. I agree that supercap will improve Superline but can it complete with ND555? Unfortunately, my dealer don’t have supercap for demo.


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