Discontinued Classic Series

No its good of course. I was thinking more of it not being avaialble to purchse new, and it being repaced by newer stufff. Just me being nostalgic - don’t take me too seriously on this.

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I’m not sure I agree on that.

Various Naim ranges through time has been excellent build, that is apart from maybe slimline from mid 90’ies, they were a strange attempt to save on production cost - the 5-series entry levels were much more solid build.

The new kit could very well be more expensive to build - in fact its quite stunning which reflect its price range, even Naim’s management have done their manufacture cost down by new capital owners.

But we have seen a substantial price increase from classic to new classic.
Naim are no longer something average people purchase.
What’s their cheapest amp or streamer nowadays $$$ ?

Naim were long overdue for an updated line. These are great times. If you like the OC sound then you have lots of discounted options from which to choose. If you’re less enthralled with the OC the NC has reinvigorated the brand and your hifi $ now get you more for less wrt sound quality and fewer boxes. Everyone’s happy.

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Yes a definite truth, even we all will be superseded at one point as well :grin:

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