Has/is Naim now (i.e by year end) stopped/stopping manufacture of the NAP200DR and NAP250DR power amps?

Are punters being left by Naim with an effective choice of Uniti range All-in-0nes, or entry into separates at the XS then NAP300DR and upwards level?

What is coming instead of discontinued classics?

IIRC, Naim had to suspend manufacture of the NAC202 and NAP200 until further notice a little while back, mainly because of parts supply and logistical issues. It doubtless makes sense while the situation remains so difficult.

The NAP250DR appears on the latest UK price list for 6th December so it looks like manufacture of this amp continues.

The 250DR is still on the price list so I assume it’s still available

But the 200 dr still appears on Naim UK website.

Yes, I guess because production has just been suspended for the time being until further notice, rather than discontinued.


Pleased to hear that production of the NAP200DR may only have been suspended rather than discontinued. It is a great way of getting DR tech into your preamp for those that don’t fancy the extra box of a HCDR.

Although beyond my reach, I suspect NAC202, NAP200DR and NAC282, NAP200DR are both fantastic amplifiers.


I remember that I was positively shocked at how better sounded 202/200 vs 112/150. My best upgrade experience in Naim hierarchy .
The second was adding an XPS 2 to the Cdx2.


An alternative is to seek supply from the used market. It is possible to buy NAP 200 and NAC202 for reasonable money get it serviced and still have changed from the price of a new unit. It may also be possible to upgrade the NAP 200 to DR spec but that may also be subject to parts availability.

I bought a NAP200 a little while ago that had been serviced by Class A Audio and was still within (just) their 12 month warranty for a bit over £800.

It is worth looking at local Naim dealers too that want to move on exchange equipment rather than just scanning places like eBay.

I am pleased to hear this is just suspension. Thank you everyone, esp. @Richard.Dane.

I don’t think this can be done. NAP200 and NAP200DR are best considered as two different power amps. Someone will be able to confirm.

Yes, it’s not possible. It’s one of the other.

I’d like to add that the DR part of the NAP200 is only reflected in the power it supplies to a connected preamp. If one uses a preamp without using the power supply from the NAP200, there really is not much difference between DR and non-DR

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OK I thought they all could be upgraded but I see from a Naim document that it would require a new circuit board to do it so not an economic upgrade. The amp section of either model though seems to be just the same as each other. It is recommended to use an external DR power supply in this case. see below

“…Only the NAP 200 won’t be upgradable, as the incorporation of the DR supply for a connected preamp would entail a whole new main circuit board, as the new DR sits in a cut-out to one side of the board. Existing NAP 200 users can have a more cost-effective upgrade by opting for an offboard power supply for their preamp…”

DR Power Amplifiers | Naim Audio

I am wondering if we can still see the new generation of classic and 500 series…

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