Discourse Hub on iPhone

The Discourse app works fine on my iPad, but on my iPhone there’s something amiss.

For example, if I tap on “What are you listening to, etc.,” it doesn’t necessarily open at the point of my last visit, but finds a random entry, followed by it jumping backwards and forwards through various other posts. If I attempt to scroll down to the latest post it’s even more pronounced, and often scrolls backwards, coming to rest on a post several weeks old.

Both the webpage on my MacBook, and the app on my iPad are behaving as expected, so I’m a bit baffled.

I’ve shut down and re-started the phone, then removed and re-installed the app, but it’s still misbehaving.

Any ideas, folks?

I have had the same problem on my iPad, jumping backwards and forwards as you describe. It seems to be only on long threads such as best jokes.
I have reset everything but still no good.

Since my iPad is behaving normally, I was thinking that there might be something wrong with the touch screen on my iPhone, but since it works perfectly on other websites that seems unlikely.

As you say, it seems to be the longer threads which cause this strange behaviour.

Perhaps @Richard.Dane or @Naim.Marketing may be able to throw some light?

That’s strange: I use it on my iPhone 12 and it behaves perfectly fine. Presumably you are logged in?

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Yup, Nigel, was previously logged in, and logged in again after deleting and reinstalling the Discourse app. and as I mentioned, my iPad is performing faultlessly throughout.

There was an update done yesterday. I haven’t seen this on any of my own Apple devices. However, I haven’t been able to upload any images on my MBP running High Sierra since the update, so… I have informed our web developer who is investigating and I’ll point him at this thread too.

Cheers, Richard … … … first world problems, eh?

What is puzzling is that my ageing iPad is working fine. :man_shrugging:

Dave, which iPhone are you using and which iOS version?

It’s an iPhone 6, on 12.5.5, which is the latest iOS which it will accept.

The iPad is an iPad Air 2, on 14.6

If there’s been an update yesterday, it may be that it’s configured in such a way that it will not function properly on an older iOS … … … which would be quite disappointing, really.

Thanks Dave, I’ve flagged up this thread to our web developer.

I have similar issues

Forum fine on Mac M1 and iPhone 11

Now unusable on older mini iPad (which I only bought to run the Naim app and browse the forum)

All accessed using Safari

It seems to be longer threads with images that really cause issues

iPhone 13 pro max with the most up to date 15.2 iOS and everything works perfect.

For me many long threads used to be entirely unusable because each time a photo loaded the page would jump out of place as it got longer. For that reason I would never look at the Nice Photos thread because it was impossible to view it. Using the app or Safari made no difference.
It seems to work much better now, (iPhone XS on latest iOS) so perhaps that’s where the problem lies?

Hi Richard,

I have massive problems with my iPad mini, iOS 12.5.5. The last visit bar is stuck and every post after it remains new and unread. Longer threads like System Pictures and Brain Teasers keep scrolling themselves backwards until the app freezes.

Thanks Mulberry, I’ve pointed our web developer to this thread.

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While you’re at it maybe you could point out this little oddity that seems to appear sporadically:

Nothing disastrous but it’s a bit messy.

Those are exactly my symptoms as well

Works perfectly on the phone

Hopefully the Naim elves are fixing it as we speak

Just to repeat something here that I’ve just posted over on another thread regarding issues with the forum on older devices, the updates are not so much about new features, or purposely trying to exclude some people, but about keeping things properly secure and data safe.

FWIW, I also have iPads with iOS 12. I am going to see whether I can maintain functionality on some older devices by trying different browsers to the default Safari. It may eek out a bit more time for them, but ultimately once support ceases then it gets difficult.


After saying everything is fine on my iPhone, on my mac I can’t upload photos from Safari. I had to go onto Google Chrome to do it.

Are you running High Sierra (or earlier) on your Mac?