Discussion of difficult topics

Following on from the recent closed thread. I find it sad and disappointing that on a hifi forum we are not able to discuss, examine and explore one of what is for me a core aspect of this hobby. That is the perception of what we hear, and where that perception may come from.
Discussion, potential disagreement and forming our own individual conclusions is at the heart of discourse of what is always going to be an individual experience.


I find it a nice touch that a topic gets closed by Richard (like the pub gets closed at midnight) and the next day we come together on a new topic to discuss the inability for cables to make a difference.


I blame my current perceptions of music on those likely lads at the Sound Organisation: Haimish and Roger. What an eye opener they were to the delights of Naim, Linn and PRaT.


The last two posts on the topic were very right ‘until the next folks’ :slight_smile:


God bless em both.

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Not just cables but that was the subject that set me thinking. I was thinking more of our joint inability to not get dogmatic about our own beliefs. Richard has a difficult job in editing us, and I include myself in the us.

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I’m missing the point here. There are threads where we get into (for example) vinyl vs CD vs streaming. Each medium has its champions. Is that the sort of thing where you’d hope for more dogma?

When I saw the headline, I was expecting affairs, bereavements, abusive relationships and parenting here :wink: . To find it is still hi-fi is something of a relief.


Juicy! Can you share details!

Nothing to share.

This seems to be (still) accurate:

I am unsure if discussing cables sounding different over time is a difficult topic, contentious definitely.

Even this itself is a difficult topic. :smile:

That thread at least had a good run and a reasonable round off. It is particularly frustrating when a thread with lots of interesting stuff in it gets removed rather than just closed if several people are stepping over the mark of reasonable behaviour, however I understand that the work it would take @Richard.Dane to edit out all unpleasantness would be excessive, and easier to simply remove - though if too complex to weed out just the bad behaviour then possibly an alternative might be to identify approximately at what point it was getting out of hand, cut off the end and close the thread with a comment to the effect that due to the behaviour of some members the remainder it has been trimmed and closed there.

Sometimes threads get to a point where there’s not a great deal new to post and then a few posters just get entrenched. Unfortunately it can often degenerate from there and the only practical solution is either a heavy prune and closure or, where deemed desirable or necessary, thread removal. In the case of this thread it had reached a sort of natural point of closure I felt, so I took the opportunity to do just that. Don’t be too sad though, I’m sure there will be another similar one along soon…


I agree completely. And I’m as guilty as the next person (probably many here will say much more so!) in losing my cool. A weakness of mine - so sorry for that. If the thread was repeated from scratch I hope I would behave differently.

It’s an interest that we all share and as a whole we are probably viewed as a bit of a sad bunch by the iphone MP3 listening crowd! So let’s not fight amongst ourselves.

I did think my final closing post was a bit of a scream! :grinning:




Following on from the recent closed thread. I find it sad and disappointing that on a hifi forum we are not able to discuss, examine and explore one of what is for me a core aspect of this hobby. That is the perception of what we hear, and where that perception may come from.

This could be an interesting thread although it would require contributors to have an open mind. And that openness is more considerably wider than most can stomach for an everyday forum.

Reading this book - amongst others really helped.
Not saying the ability to be able to draw a lifelike representation of a horse helps to listen - but, there are more connections than we would like.
Of course pseudo science may instantly turn some off - but that never stopped osteopathy from healing the sick.


I find that it’s best to start a discussion with the following in mind.

  1. Either I’m Right
  2. Or You are right
  3. Or we are both right
  4. Or we are both wrong
  5. Or some combination

Most people get stuck at 1 or 2. I suspect the type of people that use this forum are mostly technical, and when you have some understanding on science, then you may be more inclined to think things are Black or White. Of course over the decades, Science has changed, so we should always be open. I thought the idea of the EE8 switch was nonsense because I thought I knew a bit about cables and networks. Now after trying one, plus hearing all the technical reasons from several people far more technically minded in these areas than me, I have one on order.

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Yes but.
I have liked music and hi-fi.
And as such is like art and science.
Music - art
Hifi - science
Always attracted to the frisson between the two - with of course oneself at the end listening - caught like a deer in headlights whose fate depends between jumping or staying. :rofl:

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As a retired scientist I actually have very little interest in the science associated with hi-fi. My only real interest is in listening to great music. Don’t really care much how or why it sounds good - as long as it does!