Display artwork for .wav files

I am having the same issues as many others where artwork of .wav files generated with a different ripper does not show. I know it is related to the cddbinfo. txt and amginfo.xml files that are missing. I have tried to find examples on the www but cannot find any. Is there a way to share these for a specific album, so I can see what they contain, and generate these myself.

I just add artwork via one of several tagging software programs I have. No issues here. I change a lot of artwork btw! I have over 30k tracks and almost all are manipulated in some way. The data is never how I want it. Often images are small as well so I replace all those. Never had beef with it. I do use a Melco server though which is perfect for my needs with organising my library.

Hi Steve,
I am not using a server, but a USB disk, as I have all my files save on a remote server. If I add these using either mp3tag or the Perfect tunes from dBpoweramp, they show nicely on streammagic using my Cambridge CNX streamer (and on the streamer front itself), even if I stream them over the Uniti Atom. However they neither show in the Naim app, nor on the Naim Uniti Atom front display, evben though it uses exactly the same USB druive and file. If I convert the files to .flac, it shows the cover art.

Are you viewing the files on the app in the USB input? If so, look in the Server input under Local Music instead.

Hi Chris,

thanks! I did not know that, that seems to be working and gets the results. It is more cumbersome though… Also, it can’t be navigated with the remote.
So if anyone has an example of a cddbinfo.txt and amginfo.xml file to share that would be ace.

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