Display Color of Remote Control of NDX 2

I have sent off an email to my dealer and the Focal-Naim rep about it. Thanks.

Sounds like they shipped with Uniti remotes by mistake.

Naim support in the U.S. say this is the first they heard of a Uniti Remote shipped in a NDX2 package. They don’t have stock but are ordering the correct one for me.

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My dealer informed me that my replacement remote is on the way. The green will look cooler, but more importantly I will also have the correct accessory in case I ever want to sell my NDX2 to upgrade.


I spoke to Naim tech support and they said that the remote colour is a function of the unit’s age. Later models were shipped with green. Mine is September 2018 and is white

Mine fresh out of the box today is backlit green. What a lovely remote it is!


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Naim N.A. (Audio Plus) replaced mine with the green version. My NDX2 is a 2018 model. The white one ships with Uniti units.

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