Display off on Unity atom

After much deliberation I have now upgraded to an Atom from a uq2. A significant improvement and the fact that it is a roon endpoint is a massive bonus for me. However, the WAF is limited in that the display cannot be turned off. This is a big problem if using the hdmi input for TV use. Any idea if this is something Naim is working on for a future update?

Other gripes are that there are no user programmable buttons on the remote (mainly for selection of the tv) and that it takes a while for the Samsung TV to realise that there is a “receiver” on the arc hdmi (but I am sure that is a Samsung problem). These aside I am very happy with the upgrade.

The last update I remember seeing was on the old forum back in November -

“ Posted on: 20 November 2018 by Klout10

Reply from Naim: “the display off feature is on the product roadmap but we cannot commit to a timescale at this moment in time.”

So basically we don’t know anything more now …”


No news and the wait goes on… I don’t need to see the album cover. I know what is playing, I selected it! What is the life expectancy of my Atom’s display? I’m sure a replacement display will be covered by my 5 year warranty but the inconvenience!

Come on Naim! Surprise us with a firmware update that will please all.

In anticipation.


Would really appreciate an update on this one …

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apparently a software update is being released early april…

I know, but it has never been mentioned that this additional functionality will be a part of this …

I wouldn’t hold your breath that’s it’s included. Nice if it is though.


May the gods of hi-fi hear you out!

The artwork display on my Nova regularly freezes and the only fix is a power cycle, any upgrade for the display wou,d be most welcome here!

Display off is coming in the next update according to Naim’s April news (along with DAB/FM upgrade possibility and Airplay 2)

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yep…just seen the article on naim facebook group with a link to naim site…:grinning::grinning:

Are there direct links to the naim site?
Or should I follow them on FB to get news? (I’m old fashioned, in that I prefer news from web sites or RSS feeds, if available…)
I’ll have a look on FB…

You can sign up to receive the email updates from the web site.

Yeah, just found it. Thanks!
I had clicked “connection/news” before, but that only brings you to the /connection URL; when going to the /news URL, it asks to sign up.

(And I must be blind: the update is also mentioned on the connection page / news section.)

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Looking forward to the update.

Thank you Naim for listening to your end-users! Looking forward to the update!

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Yes! At last! Cannot wait for the blackness. Hopefully the OTA firmware upgrade will be hassle free because updating the UQ was never straight forward.

The OTA firmware upgrade is a major improvement for the new streamers/uniti’s, no more trying to find that cable you haven’t used for ages, it’s been hassle free for my Nova so far.

https://www.naimaudio.com/news/26627/uniti-the-best-systems-get-better-still?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter - April 2019&utm_content=Newsletter - April 2019+CID_867ffa21e11d287ac0b5bd4be18cfdc9&utm_source=Email marketing software&utm_term=Read More

Another month slips by…

I was hopeful that this was going to be released with the BIG (little) reveal of the Muso2. Van is staring at me. I wish he wasn’t.