Display on equipment, necessary?

Who is using his display on his/her NDX/NDX2/NOVA/etc…

Or who is only using the app on his/het iPhone/iPad/etc…

Will a display necessary? Like the ND 5 XS

I do have the NDX and i don’t use the display. (only at install in my network, will that be possible in the app? i guess)

I have an nd555…from my sitting position the words are too small for me to see, cannot be user customised, the album i select from my ipad/app…so i know what i am, listening to. So the screen is switched off.

Not necessary. But pretty. And functional if readable depending on where the unit is located. So if it’s serious hi-fi listening and off to one side, then not needed at all. If in family room or on side table in sitting room, used by all, then helpful to see what’s currently playing and breaks up the black box look…

that said, I have a 272 (not pretty, and behind a screen) and a Rossini - simple data, not useful, not pretty. But I’m depleted to put a screen onto my Pi-based streamer to show current album art, though am also considering writing code to display it on the nearby tv…

To my mind, neither the screen nor the remote are well thought out. I could happily live without either, although I quite like being able to see the artwork. I find it very odd that Naim have gone to the trouble of using a fancy colour screen and Zigbee remote, yet reduced its usefulness by moving the whole settings menu to the app, and then crippled it by removing its ability to control the most popular inputs at all, i.e. Server, Qobuz and Tidal.

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I don’t have the new streamers, but the SuperUniti with the old screen. I must be in the minority here, but I like the screen because I still use the unit’s remote control most often, as it’s always near the system and I don’t have to go looking around the house for my phone, wake it up, open the app, etc.

Plus I can glance at the screen to see what’s playing.

The remote hasn’t failed me yet, while the app has not always be as reliable. So the screen to me is quite useful even if it isn’t the new coloured screen. If I really want album art I take out my iPad from my drawer and get life sized album art… well CD sized anyway…

I use the display, in fact that’s why I choose the NDX2 over ND5XS2 as a transport. I don’t like to rely on iPad, I prefer to focus on my music rather than gadgets and prefer to use the remote once cued up … and I can see the alum art sufficiently well … it’s also a good cue for fellow listeners which I didn’t realise how useful that would be … and is a good streaming substitute of the lp album cover on a listening session.
I think the colour display of the NDX2 and nd555 is a big plus over the limited monochrome led matrix display of my previous NDX… nice…

If I listed all the things I don’t like about the new remote I would probably win a prize for the most boring post ever, so I won’t. Although I mostly prefer to use the app, the remote supplied with the 1st gen. streamers was really very good.

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I have two first gen streamers. I tend to use the app to search for and cue music, but find using the remotes much quicker for adjusting volume, muting and advancing tracks. And since anyone can use the remote, those functions are more accessible to other people.

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I’ve an NDX2 and at best the screen implementation is mediocre, and the remote not far behind. I’ve banged on about this before but why not have the ability to have the track info on permanently and also having to go in to the app to switch off / on the display is a faff. The screen area is also under utilised, NAD did a much nicer job with the M10 . I do like having the display but its under utilisation is frustrating.

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I like being able to see the artwork as I am listening, and it impresses visitors mightily! As a Roon user, I revert to the screen when I want to fire up a radio station, usually BBC radio 3. It’s much easier to use the zigbee than searching out the Naim app for the purpose.

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