Display problem

Hi all.
Do enyone have a clue? All play well, just display has such a horizontal lines. I even switch the display off, to save it for it’s longlife. Quite new hi-fi.

Have you tried forcing a factory reset and unplugging and powering up again? If it still does the horizontal lines, back to the dealer i would suggest. Never seen this before.

Yes, all tried. Now trying to worm up (leave on for few hours)

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Playing few hours with display on, see some changes. Good for minute, than bad again…

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My Atom had a similar issue a couple of months after I bought it, following a strange issue when I started it and heard some ominous popping noises. I was thinking it would need to go back to my dealer for repair or replacement, but after a restart it was fine. That was over 2 years ago, so hopefully it was a one-off.

I’ve seen similar on my Nova - convinced it was a display module fault, restart/brief power off did not help.

Unplugging mains for several hours inadvertently fixed it for me.

last two days got well. Was probably sick only. Corona or what…

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Still OK. Funny…

Before I tried to switch the display off in the app. Now, last 2weeks, is always on. Could it be a problem for display if this smart box plays with dark display?

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