Displaying Artists in Alphabetical Order

When I save artists in the Naim app they display in chronological order of my saving them. Is there a way to save them alphabetically? I have searched and do not see anyone else discuss this.


That is not a function of the Naim app, but alphabetical is normally the default in most all the servers & media server software, so the question is what server & what media server are you using

Thank you. I just found it in Tidal.

I spoke too soon. I did alphabetize the list in Tidal, but in the Naim app still coming up in chronological order.

If you are only using Tidal, I am not familiar enough to help. I assumed you were streaming from a NAS of some sort & why I asked about media server (UPnP) software. Hope you have someone pop up to help.

You can choose between Date Added or Name (i.e. alphabetical by tapping the … symbol in the top R of the screen:

I do not see this screen titled ‘My Music’ and don’t have that dropdown with Date Added or Name.

Which input are you talking about?

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