Distance to the TV

I’m having installed tomorrow a Sony 950H 65in 4K tv.
I’m going to be 7-8 ft from the tv.
Is that an acceptable distance ? Not too close?

I think guidelines have changed over the years. I know if I go to the cinema, and get too close, Ican only focus on part of the screen, and I miss the peripheral vision, and find I’m moving my head more.

Hope it will be ok.
I read up on this subject. Indicated most people regret they went too small rather than too big.
I’ll find out soon enough

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Saw that already thanks.
Question is what a top 4K tv will do with 1080 programming?

There is all sorts of guidance online, but in practice ideal distance depends on personal preference above all, which in turn depends on type of watching, and resolution. Also I guess there is a minimum distance for relaxed eye focussing regardless of screen size.

Resolution for best video quality is well covered online (such as the image posted above), so this is addressing type of watching: For films I want a much bigger screen than watching the News. By bigger screen I effectively mean angle subtended at the eye, or if you prefer, the ratio of distance to screen size. So my 12ft wide projection image (165” diagonal on 16:9 material) viewed from 12ft away is great for films, and I would prefer it not to be smaller - that is equivalent to a 50” screen 38” away, or a 32” screen 24” away. (Screen width to distance ratio 1:1, or 16:9 diagonal to distance ratio of 1.146:1.) However, over-riding that I think that to be relaxed focussing a distance of 38” as in the 50” example is rather close

But for the News, a 32” to 50” screen 125” away is plenty big enough, and I don’t think I’d want bigger than 50”. (Screen width to distance ratio 0.3:1, or 16:9 diagonal to distance ratio of 0.4:1).

When I worked at the BBC in TV Engineering many moons ago, in the era 625 lines PAL definition TV, Iwas told clench your fist on your arm outstretched and when your fist covered the TV screen that was the optimum viewing distance… obviously different with HD and UHD TV resolutions, and of course on very large screens, like Cinema screens you tend to focus only on certain parts of the screen at a time.

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1080 programming on a 4K TV basically makes it a 1080 TV, so you could reference the chart for that. 7-8 feet should be just around the minimal distance for a 65" to not make the pixels too visible at that resolution.

Thanks to all
TV should installed later today. Will report back.
I currently have a 15 year old 43inch pioneer plasma. Served me well though lately the pic quality is a bit dark and not quite as sharp.
Hope for a nice upgrade with the Sony 950H


My tip to you. Make sure you get the proper picture settings for your new tv. There should be some ground settings to be found in the internet that you can then tweak to get the result you fancy.
When I switched from 40" to 55" the amount of brightness the new screen delivered surprised me. I felt finding the proper picture settings for my taste was very important and affected the choice of distance aswell.

Most 4k tvs up convert the 1080 signal to 4k. Most tv signals are 720 in the US.

Like with audio, you can’t really add information that wasn’t originally there (without some kind of advanced AI). Most mid-range TV’s only have limited ability to upscale, they generally just multiply the pixels and smooth them off a little to not make the result too blocky. In practice this makes most sources still quite watchable, but it’s basically still an 1080 (or 720) image that is blown up.

Well I’m glad I got the 65 in Sony.
For regular programming (cnn, msnbc, abc) good pic with great colors. Hi def 1080p movies are good to very good and size of screen an asset.
On Netflix streaming Our Planet which must be in 4K pic was amazing and better than I expected. Also watched “Mank” a Netflix movie filmed in black and white- new movie starring Gary Oldman. This was phenomenal visually and quite a good movie.
So overall very pleased with my 950H 65 in Sony.


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