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I bought a download from Qobuz yesterday and it had a nasty glitch around 3minutes 7 seconds.

Anyone buying from Qobuz will know it’s a pain to get a replacement if you can or your money back.

I opened up the track in Audacity and it looked like this.

I expanded the section at 3:07 and here was the offending glitch.

Highlighted the glitch, deleted the section and filed away.

Replay was perfect - very rewarding few minutes work.



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It does look that way but it is a piece of cake and having to listen to a glitch like a scratched record is just so annoying.

Luckily digital is easy to manipulate even for me!


I presume you’ve asked Qobuz to look into it?

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I’ve had a few like this in the past and it takes ages for Qobuz to even take a look at the file normally weeks (as others have found on the forum).

Then again a common comment on the forum they “don’t” do refunds and if and when they do respond they will offer you a replacement track - any track you want but not the faulty track.

Qobuz are great when it goes well but if there is a problem then it takes an age to resolve.

With my repair I had it sorted in minutes. Bit like the vinyl guys on here that use a vinyl cleaning machine.

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I’d sort of be concerned about the whole album given what you have found?
Does the streamed version have the same glitch?

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Yes the streamed version and all the other file versions Flac, Wav, AIFF and ALAC all have the same glitch on just that one track at the same time interval.

All the other tracks play perfectly. Just like a record with a scratch but in the case of digital it’s repairable.

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