Diy lp12 jig

Hi All,

Fed up of balancing my LP12 on tomato tins I’m thinking of using an old IKEA LACK table as an LP12 jig by simply cutting an opening into the top.

I’m wondering if others have done this and have any suggestions as to which size to cut the opening ?

@BigJim Thinking aloud here, why not flip the lack table, then make a ‘frame’ from suitable material and dimensions to fix on top of the four legs. That way you can be more accurate and don’t need to cut a hole at all. You would then be using the table upside down as your jig.

@GeoffC many thanks for the tip. I’m going to do that. Thinking of getting a piece of wood cut that is larger than the four upturned legs (so there is a safe overlap) and then having an opening cut in the middle so that the outside of the plinth is supported but I can access from underneath.

I’m just not sure what an ideal size would be for the opening. I read that the baseboard is
418 mm x 322 mm so I guess this would be ideal ?

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@BigJim My LP12 is long gone, so I can’t help you with the sizing sorry.

Hopefully others here can help.

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