Dnm reson VS naca a4/linn k20

My current setup consists of: naim nait 2 (just serviced) + roksan xerxes / tabriz zi / adikt / psu + harbeth p3esr se / dnm reson /sklyan stand filled 3/4 with rice / soundcare superspikes
I really love the sound but I’d prefer more restrained bass.
do you think that replacing the DNM cable with a Linn K20 / naca a4 can help me?

You want the bass to have greater restraint? So, you want the bass to appear to be less prominent in the bass, less dynamic? If that is the case then the answer to your question is no. The DNM cable you are using now has precisely the qualities you seek and both the Linn and Naim cables will give you less bass restraint!

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