Do I dive full on into Naim...?

I’m soon going to upgrade my streaming source to either NDX2 or ND5 XS2 but that’s not the question. The question is whether it’s worth changing my pre/power Musical Fidelity Nu Vista 300 valve set up too. Where would I need to be in the Naim line up to improve on this combination? I’ve had the Nu Vista since new (seems like yesterday but just realised it’s 21 years ago…where did that go? I digress…) and they are still wonderful but very interested in people’s thoughts…


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Interesting question that is not easy to answer. Not familiar with the Musical Fidelity tube gear (have had and still have some CJ tube gear) but in general the sound is different between tube and solid state. The only way to know would be to arrange a home demo if possible. I would expect that you would be looking at as a minimum the 282/250 or 252/250 level with the current series and probably 52/250 with the olive or chrome bumper series of older gear? I am sure others will chime in shortly.
Probably worth searching the old forum as there may be a thread on this topic from when the MF gear was newer?

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Your only reasonable option is to try for yourself and let the naim community know how you think things sound comparatively.

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No mention of your speakers. Whether Naim amplification is for you or can improve on what you have will very much depend on how well your speakers mate with each amp. So…

Very different presentations as others have stated. I just assisted my cousin on his first jumps to hifi. He has heard a good system before, so he knows the sound he likes, and settled on Nuvista 800, pmc fact 12 signature, and lp12. Great presentation and wonderful delivery, but a different presentation from naim. My kit would most likely puzzle him on delivery due to the separation and detail, and defined sound stage clarity. Just my opinion. Audition if you can,


Thank you all for the comments.

To add to my original post, the speakers are ProAc Studio 125 floor standers, and the Nu Vista 300 if you aren’t familiar with it is a two box power amp (amplifier and separate power supply). It’s a 50kg set up and was around £3,500 when new and they still sell for not much less than that all this time later. On the one hand that means that the trade in would give me a nice contribution to something new, but on the other hand I’m concerned where I’d need to get to to see a decent improvement in sound.

Auditioning different set ups next to each other isn’t that easy here in Italy, it’s hard to find a retailer with all the options I’m thinking about in stock .

Agree with comments above about having a listen first. This is a Naim forum so I think you might get a biased view here … :slight_smile: You are probably looking at spending 10K EUR or more so I would suggest spending a few hundred and take a trip to another country (Coved allowing) for a demo if you cant in Italy as in the big scheme of things that will be small fry compared to what you will be spending. And yes Naim sounds fantastic :slight_smile:

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I would not recommend changing everything at once. Get the streamer and get used to it in your system.

Although I’ve had Naim amplification for 18 years now I don’t think I’d follow the same route if starting again. I think Naim amplification is too expensive nowadays and has a poor environmental impact. (Militated by durability and by being repairable)

It’s easy to think there is sonic Valhalla available via the Naim magic potion from reading this forum but there is a lot of hyperbole and justification going on.



Not heard the MF tube stuff but did own an A100 for many years and enjoyed it very much.
Switched to Naim after it fried for the second time. First time I answered the front door ended up talking to the visitor for an hour and went back to an overheated and dead amp. Second time the missus inadvertently switched it on while dusting (something I tried to replicate but couldn’t) with the same outcome.

For me the Naim is more immediate and punchy and shows a recording for what it is. The MF A100 made pretty much everything sound good but sometimes involving and polite.

Why poor environmental impact?

As a fellow MF Nu vista 300 power user I can perhaps help.
My set up pretty much uses the MF as my only non naim piece of kit.
I have gradually moved from MF to naim over the past 24m. But it would take a lot to move me away from the MF power amp.

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Thank you, can I ask if you’ve tried Naim amplification next to the Nu Vista? Also, what pre amp are you using, MF or Naim?

I had the MF nu vista pre.
Then a serviced naim 72 pre. The 72 was better with bass and all round clearer in mids and top. I’ll sell the MF nu vista pre.

I had the nu vista power upgraded at significant cost, so was less keen to change it. Or even try. My dealer would tell me a naim nap250dr is what I should try, but I doubt that would come anywhere near the nu vista power. So currently a 72 into the MF power amp.
Source wise a ndx2/xpsdr.

I’ve always thought that the best bits that MF made was their power amps. And I do like my upgraded nu vista. So that is not going anywhere soon.
The naim pre amps, especially with a decent power supply are good, very good. If you want to use naim pre and MF power you will need at least a hicap psu.


Unfortunately Naim doesn’t say much, but one could hope the aluminium in all those boxes are recycled. And using recycled tin for soldering. And so on reducing plastics, think about the product packaging, the chemicals used manufacturing … perhaps even supplying us that only use digital as source with multi-function boxes like a updated 272 :slight_smile:

But at least in the good old days Naim amps ran pretty much close to class B and they made a smart move with the NDX2 to be able to keep it switched on with reduced power.

So I think Naim should have a look & think about this. See how a company like Apple use the environmental work they put in product design to good use in their sales and PR.

For twenty years my main amps were EAR-Yoshino, which are superb. I changed back to a Naim 300DR 18 months ago as I bought a pair of SBLs, there is an unsurprising synergy between them.

Standard advice No 1:
Get a decent dealer and work with them to determine if changing is worthwhile.

I would repeat @Sloop_John_B 's advice, take it very much one step at a time.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts as you …progress, hopefully.


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No stand- by mode basically. They need to be powered all the time for optimal sound. In 2021 this for me would be a dealbreaker.


I moved from MF power amps to a Naim integrated around a decade ago. Not nuvista, mine were class A monoblocks (MA65s) but still a very different presentation to Naim. I realised I had pretty much stopped listening to the hifi and decided on a radical change, so went for a completely new system. I was happy with the extra life and energy the new setup brought about but could well imagine others preferring the MFs. Since you are happy with your amps, I would be cautious about changing and definitely audition first, at home if possible.


Thank you, very helpful. If I decide not to go down the Naim route I might be interested in your Nu Vista pre amp if you’re selling…

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You will have to contact Richard the moderator for my contact details. Which I’m happy for you to have.

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