Do I get 555PS DR’d for CDX2?

I thought I’d check the age of my 555PS to my surprise I’ve had it longer than I’d thought. It’s 14 years old so I guess it’s in need of a service. It’s used with a CDX2 with a dr’d 300 and a non dr’d 252 pre. I’m assuming the 555 could be serviced and not dr’d and this would save some funds. The non dr’d Supercap is 10 years old so it will need servicing in a few years time. I’m just pleased I didn’t buy everything at the same time. Getting the 555 and S/C dr’d and serviced comes in at £4500 at today’s prices.

Is a dr’d 555 worthwhile on a CDX2? Or do I just stick with a service?


I’m thinking about this at the moment too. I have a non-DR 555ps powering my NDS; it’s 12 years old and I plan to get it serviced this time next year (next year because I’ve already got other items to service this year!).

It’s a big difference in cost between a standard service and a service including DR, but there’s no easy way to judge the difference the DR alone brings. I could try a 555ps DR from my dealer, but I would be comparing it against a tired non DR version, so the demo one is bound to sound considerably better. It would be nigh on impossible to find a freshly serviced 555ps to compare against the DR’d version, so I figure it’s stay standard and spend the difference elsewhere or take a giant leap of faith!

I’m thinking that for the same price as getting it DR’d I could go non DR and pick myself up three extra powerlines or a Super Lumina interconnect to replace my Hiline instead!

DR. It’s the only way.

If you need to get it serviced then I’d go for the DR, too… But that’s from my experience with moving to DR with the CD555. I used to have a CDX with a non-DR500PS and suspect you’ll be very happy with the result, but have never heard the CDX2-500PS-DR combo myself…

I’ve recently got a 555ps that’s about 14 years old.
Sounds Really great and a big improvement in music coming from my NDX2
Naim service about £550
Naim dr Upgrade about £2500

I will be getting it serviced after the lockdown. If I want to spend another 2k on upgrades it will go in speakers or amps etc as I think (don’t know) that I will get better Music gains per £ than DRing the 555ps

I’d stick with a service. I just did not like what my 555PS did to my CDX2.
I used to run an XPS2 for my CDX2 when I had a 282. However when I upgraded to my 252, and now 552, I preferred it on its own with a Powerline… but only on a full fat Fraim. Full fat Fraim is like a PSU upgrade but more so with the CDX2 on the higher end NACs… all in my own experience of course.

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Use the cash to trade the CDX2 for a s/h CD555. Cost will be similar but much bigger bang for your buck! Best upgrade I ever made

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Some Cd555/ 555ps can be found for 4k. Servicing a 555 ps to go with a cdx2 is 2,5 k.
I would go for the former too.

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I’ve just had a look for CD555 and 555PS on the well known auction site just out of curiosity. I was amused to see this one “Naim CD 555 PS Power Supply - Transformer Hum”. I didn’t know that it was sold as a feature.

Was going to suggest the same thing. CD555 even with the standard 555PS is brilliant.

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I agree all thing being equal then opting for the CD555 would be great… however if space and positioning is important then the CDX2 is more flexible, and as my post above can be only one box.

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