Do I need a wired network to install the Uniti Core?

My network is all wi-fi based and I’m wondering if the Uniti Core needs to be physically connected with an Ethernet cable to work or even for initial installation. Or can I do it without a physical link as I did for the MuSo2, a Naim Uniti Nova etc.

I suppose it I needed a physical connection I could go down to the basement and do it but I’d rather not have to do that :slight_smile:

Thanks for any advise.

Yes you do need a wired connection.

It needs a permanent wired (ethernet) connection to your network. You could perhaps get it to work with a WiFi access point, but it’s not designed to be used that way.


Oh no! That’s a deal breaker for me. Strange because all Nova and MuSo and my wife’s Qb2 all work so well with no wires except for the power cable (and the Nova-to-speaker cables of course)!

Another thought - could the ethernet connection be just to the MuSo2 or the Nova?

The UnitiCore does not have any WiFi functionality built into it. So you either have to connect it with ethernet or add a WiFi access point to give it a WiFi interface.



I’m struggling to think of any UPnP server/storage device that has WiFi. Just wire it to your router, and let WiFi take over from there if you don’t want to wire your streamers.

Ah, I see. I suppose I could add a WiFi access point…

Indeed. As I said…

Ah but Chris is making a different point. Put it in the basement with the router.


Yes, that is an option. I have a Verizon network with a Fios Router and a Fios Extender and I could wire it to the Extender, which has two ethernet pours.

That’s true. There is no reason that the Core has to be physically close to anything else …

Except to be close to a chair while you feed CDs into it, if you are ripping them!

The Core needs access to a network for three reasons:

  1. To lookup metadata for CDs you rip, including looking again later if it isn’t discoverable straight away.

  2. So it can serve music to your streamers via WiFi (or ethernet).

  3. So your smartphone or tablet can talk to the server if you want to edit metadata, backup files or otherwise control the Core.

I reckon you could make this work.




Yes I think it could work. My CDs are all already ripped and sitting in my iTunes music folder. I would probably want to re-do some but I’m in Washington DC and my CDs are all back in Singapore. With COVID, I’m not planning a trip back anytime soon.

Good. If you have further questions, I will try to help, as no doubt will Chris and others.



Given that you don’t have CDs to rip, here’s another possibility. Your Nova runs a version of the Naim UPnP server that you get on the Core. Put your music library on a USB drive, connect it to the Nova, and you’re done.

The core has its uses. But not at close to £2k. It’s a NAS and cd ripper in a fancy box. Oh, and you need to add the HD. It just needs to sit on a wired network. Doesn’t even need to be on the hifi rack. Unless you have strong reasons, just get a Qnap or Synology NAS. Then use Asset to feed the tunes to your hifi.
Sounds like hard work, but if you already have your CDs ripped, you’ve done the hard work.

Yes, I’m exploring that route as well - possibly with a Qnap. I’m trying Asset and MinimServe but with both I seem to be unable to get album art to show up on the Naim app. Chris has also been helpful in another thread and I’ve also posted on on the MimimServe forum, so far no joy.

I have been streaming only for months now, and have not used my core. All the same music on on Roon, so its convenient. I had an apparent failure of the Nucleus+, so been without music for a week. I put the core into action with the Naim ap, and I must admit, it did sound good. After a week, the Naim Ap has locked up on me, and now the core is not accessible. I have had heart surgery and have not had time to dig into what was wrong. Seems like a scourge, and then the feed from my Sat TV lost its audio, and I run all the dvd’s thru the Projector HDMI and then to Optical. That stopped working also. I quit while I was behind. Spent yesterday afternoon getting the Sat TV back on to have the Grand Old Oprey Saturday night program, which my wife and I watch. Sounded pretty good. The cause is unknown, but I reset the optical output from the UST Projector and it started working. I now have DVD also. Sat Nite at the Oprey was great.

VikasMG: Google “Vonets wifi bridge” (the blue one). I’ve been using one for 5 years with my HDX. You set it up on your computer first and then just plug it into the Core/HDX. It will think its connected via ethernet.