Do i need to activate the sub output on my SN2?

I have a extra power amp to connect on my SN2. I do connect (2 x RCA) sub output on the back of my SN2. But i don’t hear anything. Do i have to activate the sub output? If yes… How??

Or what configuration do i need to do for getting a pre amp/sub signal?

It should just work and does not need to be activated. Are you sure you have the right wire for the power amp?

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Just a interconnect 2 x RCA. Or do i need something else?

If it’s RCA at both ends it should just work. What exactly are you doing.

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Nor would it be the first case of an RCA in, or out in this case, faulty; I went through that with one of the inputs of my first Exposure integrated amplifier. Weird, but it can happen. To make sure, I’d try to try another RCA cable.

Ok, I’ll try it this weekend. I’m busy at the moment.


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presumably the sub is a passive sub, there is no power input on it?

I do have a SN2, also i do have a non-naim power amp. This non-naim power amp can connected bij 2 x RCA (L+R)

On the back of my SN2 there is a sub out which will carrying the pre-amp signal. This socket i’ll connect to the power amp.

Then it should be making music. Or do i need the bi-amp output ? (just above the sub out)

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What is the sub?

The “sub” is a power amplifier (non-naim)

Will that be the difference?? The manual says “its a pre amp out signal” Thats what i need.

I’ll be honest I am a bit confused as to what you are trying to achieve.

The sub outs on the naim are for active sub speakers, I assumed you were outputting it to an amp with a sub speaker connect to that amp?

The sub outs are variable I believe i.e the volume of the sub changes with the volume of the amp. I would also guess the pre out is fixed i.e. your amp would be at full volume not good unless it has volume control in which case it would also want unity gain.

Here it is

I took it that the OP wants to run a different power amp using the SN2 as a pre-amp, which would be using the second din plug from the left (looking at the plugs).

The pre out and sub out are exactly the same. Both provide a post volume control variable output. It may, or may not, be helpful if the OP says what the mystery power amp is. Is the idea to improve on the SN’s amplifier, or to run a second set of speakers in another room.

If this is the intention, then much better to take a REC out signal from say, the HDD IN/OUT DIN to a separate integrated or pre-power amp. Make sure the interconnect is low in capacitance - if it’s long then it may also need to be slugged with resistor to facilitate driving properly. That way you will have the ability to control the volume in each room - important as with a different power amp (of a different maker) and different speakers, you may otherwise have quite a big disparity in volume level for each room.

That is of course true; I was simply trying to understand what the OP is trying to achieve, and with what.

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As HH points out, the pre out and the sub out are exactly the same; and the Sub Out should operate normally in variable mode, regardless of whether it is to source an active subwoofer or to source a no Naim power amplifier in order to bi-amplifie, to improve, or merely to by pass and swap the SN2 power stage.

I think the OP is trying to Bi-amp,rather than run a sub. When I owned the Sn2,I connected my JL audio Fathom 112 to the L+R sub outs (RCA),and it worked right away. It sounded wonderful too, the JL has a test button you push,and it automatically runs a series of test tones, and optimises it to your room, using the provided setup microphone.


Yes, in the main system current configuration, the SN3’s Sub Out is the one that powers the SVS SB 16 ULTRA, which does not have that automated adjustment system but it works great and is world class SQ as well; but it is possible that, when it dies (hopefully in many years) we will opt for JL, because we have a JL D108 in the bedroom system and we like it very much.

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I have sold my two Fathom 112’s now,but just the last few weeks, I had a D110 at home for a demo. Really nice sub too,but does not have all the bells and whistles of the Fathom series. I will never forget listening to David Bowie’s Rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust album with the SN2/JL 112 sub,just awesome bass.