Do Naim Integrateds have passive of active preamp stages?

I’m researching the different model Naits and I’m hoping someone can provide a breakdown of the following integrateds:

5i-2 (italic)

I’m planning on purchasing a CD5x. If I can squeeze it in my budget, I’m leaning towards mating the 5x with an Nait XS or 5si. I’ve also read good things about the 5i-2.

First of all, are all the preamp stages on the Naits passive or active? Or a combo of both? Which ones are which?

Next, Can anyone explain the sonic differences of each, and, is each model totally different than the next? Or, do they all share the basic naim sound?

Of all the models above, I’m most considering the 5si and XS.


I believe the 5 level integrateds have a passive preamp. The XS level and Supernait 1 and 2 have active preamps.

I think it’s fair to say that all the integrated amps that are not upgradeable with a external PSU have a passive pre-amp in them. As for differences? I suspect everyone has their favourite although the XS would be the CD5X’s natural partner.

The NAIT 5i series has a passive pre-amp, so the power amp section has an additional primary gain stage.

Note that the NAIT 5 has a full active pre-amp, as does the NAIT XS, and the Supernaits.

The original Nait 5 had an active pre section and a resistor ladder for volume attenuation ;).

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Nait 1 Nait 2 and Nait 3 also had active pre sections.

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