Do Naim SBL mk2 sounds better with Nait XS2 than 202/200?

I’ve listened this system by replacing Nait XS2 with 202/200:

Source: Bluesound node 2 and Rega P3 elys
Cable: naca5
Naim SBL mk2

My impression was that Nait XS2 have minor control over bass… so the bass is more present to the SBL.
The 202/200 was little more accurate sound but definitely sbl is more “light”…
I’ve moved the SBL adiacent to the wall.

Do anyone else had this impressions with this kind of comparative Nait XS vs 202/200??

Do 202/200 needs external power supply to give more engage and emphasis to the bass??

A 202 would certainly be improved by a Hicap, and also by a NAPSC. If you don’t want the extra box, a 200DR will do a better job of powering the 202 than the non-DR version. Still not as good as a Hicap though.
SBLs are revealing speakers. They deserve a better source than a Node, and even a P3 is barely good enough.

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I had a 202/200 once and thought it was really good. I used it with both napsc and Hicap and wouldn’t use it without as I think it sounds a bit unnatural. I used it with a CDS3 and some SBL Mk 2 and the overall system was excellent.

Neither the Node nor the Rega are good enough for a 202/200 and SBLs. I’d be upgrading sources before getting a better amplifier. I’d also look at the SN3 instead of the 202 setup: four boxes is just too much for the difference you get over the integrated.


Good advice to look at SN3, although it is 2 against 4 to be fair (HiCap for SN3)

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The SN3 has DR power for the preamp on board so the Hicap is much more optional than it is with the 200, unless one has a 200DR of course. But either way it should ideally be sources first.

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Dear HH, do you think a bare 282 (with its napsc 2) and Nap 200DR are together a balanced amplifier (or just a mid-step for a short-period only) as upgrade from 202-200DR ?

If I had a 282 I’d really want a Hicap with it, but I’ve not tried it with the 200DR which may be more than sufficient. You’ll need to try it.

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Back in the day I had the equivalent 82/180 and loved it. Adding Hicap(s) brings improvements but I would assume a 282/200 DR would be pretty good. With SBLs too.

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