Do we need System Automation on new front end?

System Automation is not as slick as using the volume control on all-in-one devices, i.e. Unitis and streaming preamps which have built in digitally controlled analogue volume adjustment.
Apart from needing an extra cable, you have only +/- buttons instead of a slider, and it’s not as easy to adjust accurately, especially at lower volume levels.
Still, better than having to use an additional remote.


All true, @ChrisSU. My experience is as you describe.


We use other apps for uPNP/radio simply because they have far slicker UI than the naim app, more features and make it easier to browse larger music libraries. Also my wife (iOS) and myself (Android) have our historic preferences. The third party apps can also control volume via ± buttons on phone handset etc, so the naim app offers us nothing extra. We normally control input/volume using 272 remote anyway. Also we have to use BubbleuPNP to access playlists (such as daily mix, my mix 1-8) which naim don’t support in their app since 272 has no Tidal connect.

We don’t really have any complex use cases for our system - on the 272 we either press “TV” on remote to watch skyQ or “preset” to access our stored internet radio stations. Our third party apps automatically cause the 272 to switch to the correct input when they start playing.

The absolute main thing we must retain is the ability to walk into the lounge and flick the telly on (setting correct source) without use of a mobile device. The 252 remote (controlling nDAC input via 7/8/9/0) as I understand it will provide this. This is the wife’s must have!

System automation would be nice but is by no means a key feature or deal breaker for us. We’re resigned to losing the ability via 272 remote to browse internet radio and NAS - that will be app driven in future.

Is it bad to admit I purposely changed my atom to +/- because I find the slider fiddly :joy:

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Not at all, the slider is badly positioned on smaller screens and not so easy to use.

The naim app on Android sometimes used to do funny things, almost like it applied clicks you made on a previous screen to the current view - for instance we had the volume slider move to maximum randomly and also the album view would scroll many pages down or to the top/bottom for no reason whilst browsing.

For this reason we disable the slider volume control in the naim app so we can’t get hit by this again if we happen to have to use the app for some reason, and have limited both our 272 and SuperUniti to a max volume of 50 via device setup screens!!

Thanks for the additional background, @IainO.

I can attest that 7/8/9/0 works reliably/elegantly.

The Naim app volume control for classic amps and preamps is annoyingly fiddley, a problem I understand is difficult to address given the pots Naim have decided sound best. I admit I use it more often to silence the system from other rooms, and to sync to the Qb2 over wi-fi — when I am in front of the system, the NARCOM is the better tool for volume (though, occasionally, a volume bump from the NARCOM4 causes an unrequested source change; this never happens with the Naim app. I am used to this quirk so it doesn’t bother me too much. Might be time to swap in a new NARCOM to see if my 4 is simply faulty.)


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