Do you have any components that are endgame for you?

I think my REL S510 is all the sub I’ll ever need. Shunyata S6000 v2 mains conditioner.
Aestheix Mimas integrated amp.
All pieces I doubt I’ll ever replace unless a failure occurs.

For me, my Totem speakers (Hawks, Forest Signatures and Storm sub). For the electronics, the NDX2 / XPS DR are end game along with the Heed headphone set-up. Amplification, could be…

My NA Dais Turntable.

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My late model Hornslet walnut SBLs. My NAT05.

(I won’t be able to carry the speakers up the stairs in the care home though).

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“End game” can could mean different things and for me is not a constant I.e it evolves dependant on an individuals circumstances over time.

With the nonexistant 552 sh market in Denmark my guess is both my 252 300 and audiovector r8s are all endgame until downsizing comes along in a hoepefully distant future. If I can keep my plan on not getting caught in the digital cable/server/switch game waiting a few years and maybe getting a nd555 could be a next step endgame

Most of my system is or could be. As well it should as everything is from 2020, is fabulous, and was intended as endgame, except the speakers.

Most likely keepers:
P10, 252/SCDR, NDX2/555DR, 300DR, PowerIgel Plus, rack & bases

Possible future changes:
Aria, but it works great with Apheta3
252 in case a convincing 552 comes along at a good time in the more distant future
NDX2 in case there are surprising developments on the streaming front in 10 year’s time.

The speakers will need an upgrade from MA Gold 200GX (as happy as I am)

Edit: Forgot the CDS3 :man_facepalming: Definitely my last CDP but I believe it will make somebody else happy in a few months

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My Bauer dps turntable, everything else not :grinning:


All of it!
I’m very happy with my current set up. Everything is nicely balanced and I can only imagine upgrading if a very large chunk of cash dropped in my lap :blush:

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I would like to think my recent changes are the end game, but the 252 really ought to be tested against a 552 and I worry if the 300 when it returns will really outclass the 250-2, which then brings in the possibility of trying a 500 against the 250. As for the phono stage, the reviews suggest that for ‘only’ another 800 pounds the seperate ps transforms the performance, in which case the lowly Hanna SL will need to be upgraded to support the capabilities of the phono, which inevitably leads to a better TT. It never ends, but for a couple of years what I have just put together will have to do. :slight_smile:

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I consider my entire system end game. I have no desire nor need to add or upgrade anything. I’d rather spend my money on more records, and bicycles.


Plan to keep the Linn, Superline, 252/SCDR, CD2 and (for the foreseeable future) the 805s.

The only next steps I’d possibly consider could be

300DR, but that entails another Fraim level (and much as I would like to have brain and brawn stacks, maritally that’s a no-no) or I run the Superline w/out SC, direct from the 252.

Upgrade the headphone amp. But I’m pretty happy thus far with the Violectric V200.

Edit\ a couple of hours later. Listening to records on headphones…I’d be quite happy to call endgame right now!

I’m done now. Just future servicing repairs etc.
Next time I am due a new cartridge I will get Karousel for my LP12 but that’s it.

Well then I guess this question isn’t for you :grinning:

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dCs Rossini and my Melco

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Sonus Fabers and NAP250DR will stay in place for a long time.

M Scaler, Empyrean and probably Etude unless I end up in a lot bigger room.

I am absolutely at my endgame…again!

Once my Statement arrives in a few weeks to replace my 500DR and 552DR, it will be paired with my CD555 w/2 555PSDR, a Kuzma Stabi XL DC TT with a Kuzma 14" 4 Point tonearm and Koetzu Rosewood Signature Platinum cartridge, a Superline ps powered by a DR’d Supercap, a newly refurbished Revox PR99 mkll R2R, all of which is set on a Fraim system. My Grandinote Mach 36 speakers receive all those signals and make beautiful noise. The cables are all the top level Luna (Noir).
Since I’ve already been told by many that there’s a shrink’s couch with my name on it, I cannot imagine even considering any more upgrades.

Attached is my system in its current state (pre Statement).


Harbeth P3esrs are here to stay. At the moment I would only change them to bigger Harbs, and those would need a bigger room. And still I would probably keep the P3s.

CD5i-2 might just be my last cd player, and Nait 5si, Rega P3-24 w/ Neo and Fono all sound nicely balanced right now. I fear that upgrading a single component would only bring unbalance to the system and lead to costly outcomes. However, I just might need a Rega Exact for the TT and a streamer/dac, possibly some speaker cables… :see_no_evil:

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