Do you have any components that are endgame for you?

Mitch I notice in your picture that you don’t have your system configured for brain and brawn, even though you have the stacks to have such a setup.
Obviously I know this is all going to be changing in a few weeks but any reason for this?
I can’t help but think it would have given you a nice enhancement.


Popeye. :+1:t2:

Not sure what you mean by “system not configured for brains and brawn”???

Having the head units on the left rack and all the associated power supplies on the right.

Chord Dave definitely.

Other components may be the last ever, but circumstances couls prompt change.

Ah…but how would that be possible? I have 3 source pieces: TT, CD, R2R. Each needs to be atop a Fraim rack. Also, the 552 preamp needs to be in the middle so that all cables can reach.

There we go, knew you would have a logical reason! :joy::+1:t2:

Struggling to imagine relaxing in a room like that.

I think I’m end game in theory with 3 out of 4 components.

I think having these fine scotch whiskies at one’s disposal certainly helps to relax in that room, at least according to my experience. LOL


Is that nd555?
Thought u had cd555?
Also what are room dimensions and where will u put the Statement?

I do have a CD555, but the lid mechanism is being repaired and I was loaned a NDS as a replacement.

As to the room, it is much too small for the system I have. It is only around 21’ x 13’, but the back end of it opens into a dining room (CD library). But until I win a bigger house, this will have to do!


I wouldn’t be able to drink a single shot of any if that. :confused:

A nice IPA or red is a different matter.

I could help you out with a good cabernet, but you’re on your own with the IPA.

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I don’t drink anymore, but that’s a hell of a collection, cheers !

Thanks…that leaves more for me!

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Yes I would imagine those speakers would like a larger room. They look enormous.
I had wondered where the Statement will sit?

The speakers are 6’4" tall and weigh around 440lbs each. In a (much) bigger room they would be magnificenter. LOL Once I get the Statement, I will not need one of the Fraim racks anymore since I will get rid of the the 500 and its PS as well as the 552 and its PS. The statement will go in the middle of the two remaining Fraims.

I have a 4 box system, which for me is my endgame. Anymore than that would need extra Fraim levels that I don’t find that aesthetically pleasing.

As for the system itself, my 300DR and 555PS are also end game. I wouldn’t mind replacing the 272 by its replacement, if it ever comes. I’m sure it will.

Speakers are the wonderful Sonus Faber Guarneris. They’re here to stay for a while, but I might upgrade in a few years.

My headphone system of Luxman D-N150 DAC into SQ-N150 tube amp into Sennheiser HD-800 is absolutely an end game.

Whatever happens to the main system, this headphone setup is just phenomenal. It goes so far beyond the HCdr/HL2 for these headphones it is like I’d never heard the HD-800s properly before.

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552…but I will get it DR’d and serviced at some point, so almost endgame.

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