Do you know how much that disc is worth?

Yes Discogs and Popsike are the best online resources.

I find the Rare Record Price Guide however doesn’t reflect the latest trends in either valuation or collectability.

I like Discogs because you see the price things actually sold for and if there is trend up or down. Sometimes there is a ‘Muppet Spike,’ where somebody leaves their phone unattended and their kids press buttons and pay fifty quid for a big standard Duran Duran LP.

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Muppet Spike, lol… had that once with a bidder/ buyer for my Kans. No payment for days…then he writes to cancel saying his three year old had bid by accident.

Dammit, it was a good winning bid too.

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I have the Kraftwerk - Minimum Maximum SACD ( German Version) just seen on Discogs for 200 Euros.

I have a large no of cd’s that if I sold and discogs is anything to go by I would be pretty wealthy.

Since I am past retirement age and will probably work for about another year or so I have been thinking about starting to sell them all off

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