Do you listen to Radio Paradise?

Rather good isn’t it?

But are you a supporter? RP have launched their annual appeal so if you like what you hear and listen on a regular basis why not set up a monthly/annual contribution to support Bill & Rebecca? Too easy to listen for free and then wonder what happened when it disappears.

I have no affiliation with the station other than I listen to it a lot.



Yes and yes to support

Great music new stations also

Yes on all counts, my support goes annually around January

We’ve been discussing, but haven’t gotten around to actually do, this for a while.

BTW, has anyone gotten their flac metadata streams to work with any kind of reliability?

The Rock Mix never plays anything for me, Main & Mellow mostly work (but sometimes cut out), but I rarely if ever get any metadata.

Yes, great station, my usual go to.
I normally send my contribution around this time, haven’t done so this year up to now though, so thanks for the reminder!

Don’t delay do it today (less than 5 minutes of your time).

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I don’t listen in all that often, but when I do I enjoy what I hear, especially on the “esoteric” channel. So when I catch a tune I particularly enjoy I pop them off a few bucks from time to time, as a reward. If I was an avid or even regular listener I’d underwrite with regular payments, no fear.

Listen to Paradise through out the day, just sent them a small donation - very good station.

Well done you!

I do listen quite regularly. Your message has prompted me to pony up some cash, you make a good point.


Steve welcome to the forum and thank you for the contribution.

As I said, I have nothing to do with RP but have discovered a lot of good music via their broadcasting. If more people contributed like you have done then they will be around for a long time hopefully.

Thank you again.

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@n-lot in a word yes! Stevesky posted an alternative web address whilst the issues are being sorted and the alternative address is stable and works fine on my NDS. I’m not sure how to link the thread on here, but if you search for the thread “Radio Paradise FLAC streams not working” you will find the address for the fix there.

Edit: Sorry, just re-read you original post and realised it’s the metadata you wanted, not the stream itself- not sure if this alternative address will assist you with this - I’m on the legacy platform, not sure if that’s any different but I don’t get the metadata and never have done.

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I have been enjoying the mellow mix in recent weeks.
Highly recommended


Mellow mix here too, very nice and subtle - highly recommend !


Glad you are enjoying Radio Paradise but it was more about donating to their funding so they can continue to operate without any ads or not disappear altogether.

RP introduces me to so much new music so paying them money each year is a no-brainier for me. Would miss them hugely if they were not there.


We enjoy the Mellow Mix; it’s our household’s go to radio station. Yes to support; every few months. Thanks also to the Naim Community for bringing Radio Paradise to my attention.


The majority of my daytime listening is RP and have discovered lots of great music there. Also a supporter though ad-hoc rather than on a regular schedule.

I just supported them and I will do more often as I appreciate this station very much!

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RP through out the day here, it’s perfect whilst working and great to have the track listings, I’ve found so much more great music. Evenings for me is 6 Music, sadly 6 is un-listenable during the day.