Do you listen to Radio Paradise?

Another RP supporter here. Main and Mellow mainly depending on mood and time of day. Have discovered many gems. Friday and Saturday late (UK) seems to be particularly addictive and rewarding.

I have checked it once or twice when I first powered my NDS in 2012 and removed it from the list of preset. I absolutely don’t want to be contentious but felt the need to express here a different opinion.

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A regular listener here too, I flick between the eclectic and mellow mixes.
The olnly other station that gets air time is 6music but only the Radcliffe and Maconie show - I find all the other DJ’s not to my liking…

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In my opinion, 6 is pretty much unlistenable during the day and as for Radcliffe and Maconie - I’m not sure which one it is, but one of them is constantly umming and errrrring, drives me crackers.

Tom Ravenscroft, Gideon Coe and Giles Peterson for me.

That will br Radcliffe, no a polished DJ per se but a comes across a genuine guy with a love for music.

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Thanks for this post. We the Naim community need to support these guys. I’ve sent my donation

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My radio paradise won’t connect at all lately. Every other station does. Anyone else experiencing this? NDX2.

All the RP services are OK for me, NDX, iPad & UK

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I’ve had it a while back (few months), where my preset didn’t work but selecting it from the Naim’s choice folder did. Solution was to remove preset and re-add it.

Guess servers had changed or something similar.

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Great, I will try this. Thanks. :+1:t2:

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