Do you suffer from Misophonia

If you hear the pops and crackles when listening to vinyl, probably yes.

A couple of weeks ago I was listened to a program on the radio where the symptoms of misophonia where discussed.

First thing that sprung to mind was “that’s the reason some people can’t listen to vinyl”, it’s a condition.

Luckily I don’t suffer from it, :grinning: but my wife definitely does. :scream_cat:


I think tgat for most people there is a big difference between the “strong dislike or hatred of certain sounds” of misophonia and not liking the surface noise common to vinyl replay. I can only speak for myself, but I was happy to listen to vinyl and most of the time switch my brain off to the spurious sounds when that was the best way to listen to music at home, but once an alternative reached a similar level of sound quality there ceased to be any reason to. There is one noise in relation to mhich I may be misophonic, and that is a screech like fingernails on a blackboard (or greenboard).

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There’s a certain male vocalist on the Naim radio station that does that to me. Makes me want to claw at my face.

Vinyl is a bit different. I like the precursor noise as the needle lands before music starts. Dislike strongly a track damaged with a loud “crack” at the same time. Can easily ignore surface nouse from the stray spec of dust. Mostly because I clean them well and some of my discs are as noise free as digital.


I do. It’s a bit problematic since my mind is strong on the creative & input side.

Examples: my wife usually drops herself on the sofa next to me and she then starts eating crisps ( next to my ear ).
Our Ukrainian guest sniffs within a second when she opens a door ( ‘that sniff was late’ )
Kid eating cruesli.
American accent.

It all triggers an anger and sometimes aggressive feelings.

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Yes. There is a big difference between hatred of certain sounds and disliking surface noise, they’re at different ends of the scale.

If somebody is aware of pops, crackles and surface noise when listening to music that the majority of people are unaware of, it’s a fair indication they suffer from Misophonia.

My wife’s a sufferer.

She hears the garage door creaking if it’s windy. I don’t.

She hears the panels in the fence I’ve just built rattling. I don’t.

She hears the dog over the road barking. I don’t.

Clicking pens annoy her. Don’t bother me.

She’s not interested in music or hifi, but she’s been know to tell me if she thinks the sound is distorted.

It’s not that her hearing is better than mine. I just don’t hear these things.

My wife does a similar thing. If I set up a TV program or film to watch, she’ll go into the kitchen a get a packet of crisps. It’s not the crisp eating that bothers me, more the fact I can’t hear the start of the film.

I can hear my wife’s phone, on mute, vibrating on the table in the next room. She can’t.


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Interesting. I was listening to London Grammar’s California Soil album in the car earlier this evening. The digital versions have simulated vinyl crackles and pops on several tracks, which in themselves are a bit naff when playing the album at home.

All these odd out of context noises were quite disconcerting and for whatever reason I thought stones or something were hitting the windscreen every few seconds. Later on there was an odd tinkling effect like stirring a beverage in a cup quickly with a spoon - thought there was something amiss with the car until I turned the volume down.

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Interesting. I have a similar issue in cars - I find road noise considerably more disturbing than most people. I test drove the current Volvo xc90 at launch in 2015 and found the tyre noise in-acceptable from about 15mph. Bought a 2017 version a year ago hoping it would be fine. But it wasn’t

A little earlier I had a bmw 330d saloon on test for four days and found the tyre noise gave me a headache on the motorway. Nobody I gave a ride to knew what I was on about - they all thought it was really quiet.

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Almost certainly the tyres themselves, but not easy for customers to swap around. The homologation of vehicles, their tyres……fuel economy and noise is a minefield…….

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Maybe the majority of people are affected to some degree.

Six months ago I bought a Samsung heat pumps tumble dryer. As soon as I switched it on, I noticed a very loud low frequency drone; I could hear it all over the house. I double checked it was level, moved it, placed rubber discs under its feet, phoned customer service. The loudness was within spec for dbA but out of spec for dbC.

After a month or so I stopped hearing the droning noise, even though the loudness readings remained the same. It no longer bothers me.

My wife, who appears to be sensitive to a lot of noises, didn’t think it was noisy at all.

My wife also hears many things I don’t. Many of the things on your list apply.
Noticing this, I have actually invested a bit of effort in some training to ignore superficial noises like these. Like not wearing my seatbelt back from the local shops, thru our neighbourhood, and ignoring the warning beeps … easy things like that.
It helps one to be less annoyed by weird people in restaurants or queues, or a neighbours car a!arm going off for a while etc.
Mind over matter and all that …

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