Do your children use your Naim?

We have a 272 in the lounge, two UnitiQute 2s (one for the kitchen and one for the main bathroom) and a Muso 1 which now does playroom duties. I like the fact that everyone in the house can drop a Spotify playlist in whichever room they are in and my 7 year old knows that ‘50’ is the volume limit on the 272 in the lounge, and also getting used to the vinyl Chrome Bumper system I currently have in my office. My 3 year old daughter also asks for requests’. Also loving ‘The Cheese’ on iRadio. Anyone else let their kids use their Naim?

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17year old has a QB.

Nope, he’ll be 30 this year and has never really had any interest beyond Sonos, as his life revolves around his Phone, TV (plus a million gaming consoles) and my Grandson.:man_shrugging:t2:
…and he doesn’t live with us🤣


We have a nice Naim rig which is available when he is here. We have a Supernait 3 and a Chord HugoTT and nSats in his old room which it a treat to hear.

My (grown and gone) son has a UQ2b, a Nova, and a Star. I bought the UQ2b, which was a great unit for a kid on campus with the FM feature. He stepped up to the Nova on his own, but has been happiest with the Star. He says the Star rocks a CD better than streaming and I was impressed myself with the sound. (We are a streaming family now and have CD’s to spare.)

He also identified a great value $1500 speaker. Check out the Ascend Acoustics Sierra-LX. He probably heard about it from a friend. It rocks with the Star. Ascend is customer direct and has a return period. He uses the Ascend Sierra-LX in a medium sized room and it rocks the house. The whole rig would fit into the front passenger seat of your Mazda, which is how he transports his.

It is fun for Mom and me to be a part of his audio journey. She is the new music resource and I am in sync on the new gear, thanks to this forum.

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Teenage room my daughters use a Nait2 CB, ND5XS2 and SBLs on a daily basis, weekends their friends call in and the tunes flow

My daughter has my gen 1 Mu-So and loves it

Yes my daughter has our 1st gen muso, always in use.

Not really for music, but MrsAC/daughter watch movies/TV via an AppleTV to the projector and use Airplay 2 to provide audio via the Nova.

Daughter has my 72/140 in Manchester. - The hicap is has not gone to Manchester yet.
Son, living at home still has another 72/hc/140 in his room.

Youngest son (20) uses the NZ system mainly in gaming - TV>NDAC>252>Wilson Duettes - but often tests the limits of the Focal SW 1000 sub with his hip hop. I have, however, introduced him to Jeff Beck and the superb session at Ronnie Scotts, since Jeff’s sad passing, and the quake has since subsided.

My daughter appropriated by Muso qb2 claiming I had enough ‘stuff’already.

She makes far more use of it than I did.

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