Dodgy metadata on a US

Just ripped the new Marin Simpson - Home Recordings (Topic Records) onto my Unitiserve. This is what came up:

Artist: Kvartet Gubec
Album: Ak sem ti srceko ranil

All the tracks are wrong as well but it did get the genre right.

It’s a new album and won’t be a big seller so the likelihood of the metadata being available online is small. It’s simply a case of editing it in the nServe app. I’m pleased you mentioned this album as I really like Martin’s stuff. I’ll download it from Qobuz later - with a Serve there is little point buying a CD and ripping when you can download. Saves plastic.

Yes, It’s happened with Topic before.

Album doesn’t break any new ground. Always good to hear Angel From Montgomery though.

Just had another one:

Dave Alvin’s new one on YepRock - ‘From An Old Guitar’ comes up as ‘Many Happy Returns’ by Arcady.

The Alvin is a great listen btw with a killer version of Highway 61 Revisited.

New releases sometimes take a bit of time to appear on the online lookup services that all CD rippers use, so the occasional incorrect result isn’t that surprising.

Is the US firmware up to date? The latest version is 1.7c, and it included changes to the metadata lookup process.

Yes, updated a while ago. The cd has been out 3-4 weeks so maybe it’s an issue with the label.

I’ve ripped many CDs on my serve that had different metadata.
Often found it humorous the uncanny resemblance to what it should have been.

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