Dodgy track!

I’ve recently come across a track that stops half way through playing! What could be causing this? Has anyone experienced similar?
My gear is an NDX2 and Supernait2 and the track is “Beyond Belief” from the The Best of Elvis Costello: The First 10 Years, which I ripped from CD to FLAC onto a NAS drive. I’ve never had problems with anything else I’ve listened to and the track plays fine on my PC.
Cheers, Phil

Have you tried converting the track to a different format to see if the problem persists?

I’ve had a few blips from time to time. My usual remedies are:-

  1. re-rip the CD

  2. Download free software Audacity and load the file it gives you the ‘sound wave’ and has a few repair tools.

  3. if it drives you mad and you’re a completist then buy the flac track from Qobuz or 7digital.

Hopefully 1) will work.

What UPnP server are you running? It could be that the problem lies there, or with the streamer.

Tried re-ripping track but no change so decided to just buy the song from Quboz for £1.49 and all works fine! Curious why this happened though. My old Cyrus system was very temperamental with any characters such as & or # etc. in the song title or anywhere in the meta-data. I had to make sure I was observant when ripping discs, one of the reasons I’ve upgraded to Naim - Would have done it a lot earlier had I known the vast difference in sound quality !!!

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