Does a 160 CB have enough power for SBLs?

Hi all,

I have had a 32.5/160/HC CB system for a while and I just love the musicality of it - and don’t really want to make the jump to a 250. I have been looking around at alternatives to my RS3s, and looking at SBLs. I heard the SBLs with a current big Naim system (either a 250 or 300DR) and they were incredible. I’m not sure the 160 will have enough grunt to do them justice, or if they won’t sound good at lower levels (which I often use).

Any thoughts? Gearing up to install them at home will take a little effort, and if folks think it’s DOA I just won’t try.


SBLs will be just fine with a NAP160. I’ve powered my own SL2s with a NAP160 and it was great.


Absolutely yes, but the speakers will improve with a better power amp.

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I had SBLs for a while and the CB160 drove them no problem.

Great power amp and to my ears clearly more engaging than the CB and Olive 250s I owned - both serviced. If you find a decent 250 then don’t sell the 160 until you’ve compared them head to head.


I initially ran mine (years ago) using a 140.
I later had sufficient funds to upgrade to a 250 and the improvement was noticeable but, the 140 was certainly capable enough.

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