Does a DR upgrade include a full service

Hi, I have emailed Naim with this but they are busy and could take a while to respond.

I am thinking of buying an oldish XPS2 which had the DR upgrade in 2016. I want to know if this upgrade would have included a full service or must that be specified as extra work?

If this is the XPS on eBay, then going by the Naim work sheet a service wasn’t carried out, only the DR upgrade, which Naim allowed back then, these days Naim insist a service is carried out at the same time as the DR upgrade. To double check ring Naim support, rather than email.

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Thanks for the info, very helpful.

I believe the XPS has no additional service charge added to a DR upgrade, unlike other items, because it involves replacement of the entire innards of the box, so there is more or less nothing left to be serviced. So the date of the upgrade could be taken as the last service date.

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When I enquired to Naim about the provenance of my XPS DR I was told

With regard to servicing of an XPS, all the parts that would be able to be serviced are changed out at the time of a DR upgrade, so a service on top of that wouldn’t be necessary at the time of upgrade.

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Chris is correct - the XPS DR upgrade involves replacing the main PCB which contains all of the reservoir capacitors, so everything bar the transformer & rectifier bridges is refreshed as per a service.


Thanks for the info :call_me_hand:

Would I be right in saying that Naim have stopped taking orders for DR upgrades?

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