Does a NAPSC need a service?

Hi all

Looking at buying a used NAPSC (not sure of age but newer box style).

I don’t yet have a NAC202 to use it with but that’s on the radar sometime.

My question is, do these power supplies benefit from/need a service?

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Edited to fix reference to preamp

When I had my ex-282 serviced, I also had the NAPSC serviced. The latter was not all that expensive. I was also doing service and DR upgrades on a HC2 and 250-2 at the time.

I recently had problems with sound just through one speaker. I took all of my Naim boxes to Class A, I was told the problem was the NAPSC, I was told this is rare but based on my experience a service would be good for your peace of mind. It wasn’t an expensive repair but missed listening to records fo a week or so.

I currently have my NAC 82 in service at Class A and was specifically asked to include the NAPSC

Fab thanks all

Did you mean a 202? The NAPSC powers the digital circuits in a preamp.

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Oops yes I did, thanks

Good idea, it’s a worthwhile optional upgrade for the 202, and good value (by Naim standards.)

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If it works I wouldn’t be concerned at all

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