Does a Phono Stage need to be connected to XS3 with RCA with Ground lead?

Hi Folks,

I would be very grateful if anyone can advise on Turntable connections to Nait XS3.

I have a Clearaudio Concept with Trichord Dino Mk3/Dino plus. The turntable RCA lead includes a Ground cable to the Trichord Phono Stage. Should I have a RCA lead with Ground cable from the Trichord to the XS3 (i.e to Ground Post on XS3).

I have no other Naim products / Source connected to the XS3.

Many thanks

Are you asking as you’re wondering if you should have a connection or do you have an issue - hum or buzz when listening to the TT ?


Hi James-n,

Both really, I have a buzz and I am wondering it is because I do not have a ground lead between the Phono Stage and XS3 just an RCA lead.

It may well be down to the interconnect you are using between the Trichord Dino and the NAIT. However, it’s well worth experimenting here as you’re basically looking for least noise/hum. Also try disconnecting the arm ground lead completely (keep the volume down just in case!) and also trying a direct connection to the XS3, as well as a connection from Dino to XS. Also try different i/cs. Are you going RCA Phono to DIN (recommended)?


Hi Richard,

Thank you. No I am not going RCA Phono to DIN, I am using RCA to RCA (Chord EPIC).

What is a recommended RCA Phono to DIN without breaking the bank :slight_smile:

Just to add I’m using a MC Cartridge. XS3 is MM only.


Chord or else the Naim RCA-DIN interconnect would be my recommendation.

Yes, when I say direct connection, I refer to connection of the ground lead from the tonearm.

Hi Richard,

Sorry, do you mean disconnect the ground lead from the Dino and connect it to the XS3?


Yes, you could try that. With these things it pays to experiment.

Thanks Richard. Would you also recommend using RCA-DIN interconnects to connect a BlueSound Node 2i Streamer?

I would recommend using RCA-DIN interconnects to connect any RCA phono equipped kit to a Naim amp.

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Thanks Richard.

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