Does a play later feature exist?

Say I’m playing an album with lots of tracks. Like a live album or bonus album with 50 tracks. I get maybe halfway through and want to listen to something else. Is there a way to remember where I left off and come back later? Maybe a play later from this track option?

There’s no way to do this with a Naim streamer as the play queue is erased when you change input - unless you save the queue as a playlist before you quit it. Then you could return to it at any time, and delete the playlist if you no longer need it.

Some apps (Roon, Lumin, Linn) will work with Naim streamers. If you use them, pause play, then switch to the Naim app, you could return to the other app and continue where you left off.

Neither of these are very neat solutions, but that’s all I’ve got.

It’s dead easy to do this. You are playing your 50 track album, get to track 20 and fancy something else. Choose the album you want - you can do this while the current one is playing - and touch the three dots at the top right.

You’ll get this screen:

If you choose play last it will add it to the end of the queue. You can do this with multiple albums if you like, setting up a queue for the evening without bothering with a playlist you’ll never need again.

If you choose play next - which is what you want in this case - it will add the new album after track 20. Once the new album finishes it will carry on with track 21 of the original album.

Hopefully this is what you are looking for, and I claim my prize.


Not OP but thank you I knew nothing of this menu and it will allow me to mix my listing up more while I sort my playlist

It’s worth playing around with the app to see what you can do. Did you know you can remove tracks by swiping left, and reordering them by dragging them? If I want to stop the music before the end I often delete tracks rather than getting up to stop the album. The app is really very good.

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all new info i’ll definitely have to examine the app more, so the delete track option in the queue does just refer to the queue? I was scared to click it due to the wording lol

That’s a great album by the way :+1:

Yes, it just removes it from the queue.

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I probably should have explained my use case in more detail. I don’t think the play queue is going to work as the holding mechanism. I may not want to come back to the rest of the album for a week or so.

So the only thing I can think of is to create a Playlist called “Play Later”. Then add the next song into that playlist. Then a week later, open that playlist and select that song, and open the album from there. Then do the normal “Play from this track”. A bit convoluted, but may work.

That was my thought, as adding an album to an existing queue means that the whole queue will play out unless you have your finger ready on the pause button. It’s easy enough to create playlists then delete them after you have listened to them.

If you have Roon, I use the play count to pretty much do this. I can generally see on every album how many times a track has been played and it’s self evident if I only got half way through. I tend to play albums all the way through though and not single tracks.

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Simple: a brief jotted note made by a pen on a piece of paper (strangely uncommon tools these days).
Or a note recorded in one of your pocket computer’s (aka smartphone’s) apps such as the iPhone’s Notebook, or even Calendar with a scheduled prompt.

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:joy: I don’t want to regress to caveman days.

I guess I want it to act like YouTube. It remembers where you stopped watching a video. Then if you look it up in your history, it will resume where you stopped last.

No prize for me then.

If you can’t remember the next track up when you stopped listening to an album.
It doesn’t really matter if you select the wrong track when you start listening to that album again. :blush:


With a large music collection, mind fullness at large is a growing concern.

Please spare a thought for those DJs running out of time before that last record finishes and the time to cue up a new one has nearly run out and they can’t find the record they wanted to cue up.

I have to wonder, if you can’t remember where you got up to, does it matter? When you think of playing that album again just start it where you like. This is music playing after all, not compulsory sequential track playing with no exception or repetition - or I think it is for most people.


It’s not like reading a book, where you like to continue at the place where you finished before.
I see no point doing that with music.

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Other than a break in playing, say, a long classical, opera or prog rock album I tend to agree - and I mean a break for, erm, “comfort” purposes, or for some other urgent thing that can’t wait till the end of the album, not a break to play other music or a break for days or longer.